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Saic is a humbly dressed Demer, just like his friend, Jeroak. Unlike his friend, however, Saic is a Hotlands Demer. He usually wears a simple t-shirt and shorts, as he is generally in Hotlands for most of his time. He looks very similar to Jeroak, as a matter of fact, except his colors are a bit brighter, and more towards the blue-ish side. The reason for this is that due to him being a Hotlands Demer, he has a lighter coat as well as skin so that heat doesn't affect him as much. He also has a thin coat for the same reason.


Saic is a fun-loving guy and will do things that can sometimes cause harm to either him or other people around him. He does not think before he acts, and so it causes a bit of an issue when dealing with certain tasks and events that require this critical thinking. He only thinks about what his rewards may be at the end of what he's about to do, and not what the consequences will be. Granted, there is some degree of the ability to think of this, but for things that have a high-risk, but high-gain, he will act without thinking. He can be a very charismatic guy to be around, and not how you would think the classic nerd would be. Even though he's a technologically fanatic guy, he won't push it onto others. He will, however, get annoyed if anyone disrespects or takes for granted the technology at their disposal. In this case, he can sometimes snap back with nasty remarks, and it can lead him to get in fights. This also ties into the fact that he only thinks about the rewards most of the time. Fortunately, he does have a majorly caring personality for his friends. What this means is that cares more about his friends than any reward. He will help out his friends before he worries about self-gain. This is also a prominent trait in most Demer. Above all, and most notably, he has the capacity to hate very strongly, which is not something most Demer are able to do.


Saic is a programmer and loves anything that requires him to deal with technology. He's been fascinated with technology since an early age, and he's possibly one of the best programmers in the underground, considering most everyone is all about magic. Although it would seem he would be against how you would think a technology lover like Saic is like, he actually enjoys magic as well, hence his weapon of choice. His weapon is a crossbow type weapon, but instead of firing a bolt or an arrow, it fires a magic projectile. This, unfortunately, causes him to get tired after a while of firing it, it being from his magic supply and all. He has trained how he works the projectiles and has gotten them to be able to easily pierce through armor, making them quite deadly. He has been training with Jeroak in recent times to aid them both. Due to this, his ability to fire more projectiles has bettered, and Jeroak's reflexes have increased as well.

Recent Events and How They Changed Saic's Lifestyle

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Saic was born into a good family. He had seldom troubles growing up, and he lived a pretty normal life, and if anything better. He began to walk at the age 8 months and walked well by 15 months. By the age of only 18 months, he began to say simple words. By 1 and a half years old, he was able to form simple sentences. Unfortunately, after this, he wasn't always ahead of things and was mostly behind. However, he started his interest in technology when he was 9. He always loved it, even though he himself was not allowed to have any of that. At 12 years old (Jeroak was 9, he met Jeroak and the two became friends immediately. Unfortunately, they couldn't speak to each other much, as Saic is a Hotlands Demer, and thereby lived in Hotlands with his parents, and Jeroak was a Waterfall Demer. At 14 years old, he got his first phone and almost as soon as he got it, he took it apart, then put it back together. After this, he tried coding, as he didn't like to have to deal with such small things that you can lose, but rather lists and words. He became good at it by 16. When Saic turned 17, he saw Jeroak walking around Waterfall. This is when they became good friends, as both now had a phone and were able to keep in touch. At 19, he moved away from his parents, making them sad. Fortunately, he keeps checking on them every now and them by little surprise visits, just to make sure they're okay. One year later, Mitune, Saic's mother, was diagnosed with a what-is-supposed-to-be fatal disease. Fortunately, Jeroak was around and Saic begged him for help. Jeroak found out a way to get rid of the disease, and Mitune is living well again with Ilan. When Saic turned 20, Jeroak threw him a surprise birthday party and they both had a blast. They traveled the entire Underground (minus the CORE). At his 22 birthday, Jeroak and he went and worked on coding and putting it into scientific research.



  • Mitune - Mother
  • Ilan - Father


  • Jeroak - Best friend


  • None as of yet


  • Beleco



  • HP: 200
  • AT: 30
  • DF: 10
  • EXP On Kill: 1
  • Gold on Win: 5


  • HP: 300
  • AT: 45
  • DF: 20
  • EXP On Kill: 5
  • Gold on Win: 7





Saic appears!

Flavor Text



  • This is the first page in which I set out to make a species for. (I will make a page for the species after I make another species page first. I have everything I need; I'm just too lazy to do it all.
  • Saic is the name of an Information Technology company and is the reason Saic is named this (him being a programmer)
  • Saic's name is pronounced Sake.
  • This is the first page I made that doesn't have an artwork at first.
  • Saic is 22 years old.


Yossi for helping me choose a name.


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