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"Everyone has something worth fighting for. My something is my little sister, Clarissa. Without her, we wouldn't have had a great adventure today."

- Saki Mikasa


Saki Mikasa is a young mermaid-like monster, about 16 years old who cares very deeply for her little sister, Clarissa, and would protect her at all costs.



On the outside, Saki seems like a calm, but sweet monster who could never seem like the one to say anything negative about anything or anyone. She would be the kind of person who could always find something good to say about something, like saying that the rain feels nice if she gets stuck in the rain or saying she enjoys walking if she misses a bus.

However, behind her sweet exterior, she's secretly depressed and longs for the surface, where she and her little sister could happily swim freely. She fights on, hoping that one day the barrier will be broken, and knowing that Clarissa couldn't survive a day in the Underground without her, so she lives.

She cares so much about Clarissa it hurts. It seems like the two of them don't like each other at first glance, because the two of them clash so much - the sister being an excitable little ball of energy that wants to go anywhere and everywhere, despite how dangerous it may be, and Saki being the sensible one who has to hold her little sister back, but deep down, they care about each other a lot.


She wields a golden-colored trident. If the player were to go Pacifist/Neutral route, she would mainly do occasional jabs or pokes. However, if the player were to go to the Genocide route, she would hear about the terrible things the player did, and thus, go on to full-fledged stabs as hard as she could, because she would be protecting her and Clarissa from them.


She's at least 5'8, and is a beautiful mermaid. Her long, red hair is two feet long, and her bangs cover one of her sea-foam green eyes. The crown she wears is silver and has a gem on it, it being something that she and Clarissa had found when Saki was 12 and Clarissa 6.

 She wears a pink swimsuit top that ends above her belly button. Her tail is the same color as her swimsuit top. She also wears a necklace with a red heart-shaped gem and a grey cuff-like bracelet on her left wrist, both being things they found.

The cuff bracelet on her wrist was actually a pair. One was given to Saki's left wrist and the other to Clarissa's right wrist, as a sign of their sisterhood. Whenever they held hands using those, both bands would be shown.


  • Sissy (Given by Clarissa)
  • Mermaid Queen (Given by Clarissa)


Being born many, many years after the war, she had never seen the surface, like many monsters. Also like many monsters, she longed for what she never had, she wished she could feel the grass she never felt, smell the flowers she never smelled, and see the sky she never had.

She never knew her mother or her father, so she was all alone to roam the waters of the Waterfall, with nothing but her trident, where she learned to fend for herself. She thought that she would be alone forever - until her sister came.

With someone to be with her, she obviously cared a lot for her sister. When Clarissa was old enough to speak, the two of them made a vow that they would protect each other for as long as they lived. Of course, because Clarissa is much younger, Saki has to be the one who protects her until she's old enough. There was no measure she wouldn't go to in order to protect her sister; even if it meant killing someone.

Saki and Clarissa frequently went on adventures together, after her love for them began. Where Saki got all of her jewelry was because of Clarissa, including the grey cuff bracelet, where the two of them had found it a year later, while they were on another adventure.

When Clarissa became eight, Saki became mysteriously depressed. It started with staying awake at night, not wanting to get up and sadness for unknown reasons. Not wanting to worry her sister, she started to hide it from her and pretend that nothing was wrong.

What she didn't know is that, a year later, Clarissa started noticing she was depressed. However, she took it the wrong way and thought that Saki was disappointed in her and thought she was a bad sister. To try and fix this, she decided she would be the best sister anyone could have by taking her on more adventures and trying to train herself to be stronger.




  • Clarissa (Playtime buddy)


  • None


  • None



  • HP: 1,000
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 50
  • EXP On Kill: 80
  • Gold on Win: 40


  • HP: 5,000
  • AT: 50
  • DF: 50
  • EXP On Kill: 800
  • Gold on Win: 100


  • Check
  • Talk
  • Compliment
  • Insult
  • Flirt




"Hello, there." [Encounter]

"Thank you." [Compliment #1]

"I am Saki Mikasa, called the Mermaid Queen by my sister." [Talk #1]


"P-please go away...We don't mean any harm..." [Check]

"Please! Go away!" [Attack #1]

"...Why are you being so nice?" [Compliment #1]

Flavor Text


A young mermaid swims from the surface to you. [Encounter]

She smiles patiently, her grip loosening on her trident. [Check]

She smiles and introduces herself. [Talk #1]


Another idiot in your way. [Encounter]

She's shaking. [Check]

What a weakling. [Attack #1]


  • Saki seems like the one who would audition for a minor role in a play.
  • Saki actually likes knockoffs of movies because "the differences can be quite entertaining"
  • She can explore land if she wants to, because she has just enough magic to let herself levitate just above land.
  • She rarely refers to her sister by her name, usually calling her "Sister"
  • The only time during the entire Pacifist/Neutral route where Saki gets mad is at Insult #10+, where the players insults her sister. At this, her attacks will temporarily get stronger.
  • Saki is OK at singing. Not a 5 star singer, not tone-deaf, just OK.
  • If Saki were to wear both bracelets in a RP, it would mean Clarissa had died and vice versa.


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