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Salt is a salt-dealing Gorgon that lives near the river. She is quite salty about the time she spent earlier in prison when she was caught in the act of dealing "sea salts."


Of course, a salty Gorgon doesn't happen to be one for appearances. Salt is no exception. In fact, she looks weirder than the average Gorgon. Her eyes are gray, her scales are gray-ish, even the snakes that make up her hair are gray. Her pupils are constantly constricted, presumably due to her levels of salt.

Salt normally wears low-profile clothing, so she won't be easily noticeable. But then again, she does have an obnoxious hat that resembles a salt shaker. She's not exactly one with a fashion sense, anyways. One must be destined to be extremely salty if they are THAT gray.

To add more to Salt's irregular appearance, she has four and a half snakes that make up her hair. She originally had five, but one burst due to her salt, and it's just a limp half now.

Oh yeah, she also has fangs. And a rattle that suspiciously looks like a salt shaker as well.


There was a time where Salt was actually cheerful, but that time has long ago passed, and she remains completely salty to this day. She has become quite paranoid about the authorities, and those who aim to ruin her business. She will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to avoid being arrested again. Still, she uses her salt to taunt law enforcement when she feels that it's safe to do so.

As for her snakes, they fear for their lives. One of them had already fallen due to an unprecedent outburst of saltiness originating from Salt. They desperately try to communicate with her to stop her salty rage, but they can do little to convince her. Not that they can talk, anyways.


Salt's life was difficult, as she was quite poor. So, she resorted to illegal methods of making money. With "sea salt" that she obtained from a weird fellow with a slimy beard, Salt began selling the illegal salt on the streets. Of course, sting operation caught her in the act, but luckily Salt's stash was nowhere to be found. Still, the evidence was enough to send her to prison for a few years.

Even with a short sentence, Salt was incredibly salty upon release. After that, she dug up her stash of salts and once again began the business, although with annoying and unnecessary sales procedures due to her fears of being caught again.


HP - 200 (+200 w/ salts)

ATK - 7 (+7 w/ salts)

DEF - 5 (+5 w/ salts)

Salt is slightly weaker than the average Gorgon when she is off her salts (which is pretty crippling), though luckily her stash is enough to keep on the stuff all the time. With that boost, her strength is doubled.


  • Proud member of the Cabba- I mean, Condiment Crew.

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