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"A samurai's honor never fades, even in the darkness it shines like a star"

- A quote



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Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled over the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan: HUMANS and MONSTERS

Fearing the power of the Monsters, the Humans decided to rid of them in some way,

And so war broke out between the two races.

After a long, unforgiving battle, the humans were victorious.

They banished the monsters near the mountain named Fuji, and sealed them with a magical spell.

Some say that those who venture into this area, never return.

SamuraiTale takes place in Japan in the Meiji Era. Since the village this is taking place in is far from parts of Japan that are modernized, the monsters don't know that the Meiji Era (1868) has begun, and is stuck in the Tenpō Era (1830-1844), a.k.a the era where Chara arrived in the Underground and influenced the monsters. Please note that I made Undyne a Shogun, but that does not mean she is the actual leader, she is only a military leader.

Events in the Tenpo Era

  • The Great Tenpo Famine- Japan suffered rapidly decreasing temperatures and loss of crops in this event, in turn the monsters, of course, had been affected by this. Undyne would mention this event when you attempt to be friends with her. Describing it as "a war within ourselves".


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Settings and Locations

Ebott Village - The main location of SamuraiTale. This is where the monsters reside. Time seemed to stand still in the village but that didn't stop the village from living. The inhabitants did not know that Japan has started becoming more modern, and was therefore confused when Frisk arrived with more modern clothes.

一 (Ichi) - Basically The Ruins, but instead its an abandoned and small section of the village thats a stone garden. Home of the keeper Toriel. She lives in the center of the stone garden with a small traditional house. However, if not observed properly, some people could fall into the hole and will be met with puzzles. The exit is near Toriel's house.

家 (Le, Home)- Toriel's home. A traditional Japanese house with a stone garden surrounding it. A cherry blossom is at the back of the house. The old "capital" of Ebott Village

二 (Ni) - Basically Snowdin, but instead is a cold (no snow) place practically covered in magical cherry blossoms. Home of the two samurais Sans and Papyrus (note that samurais in the Meiji era has been overthrown, the shogunate government was replaced by the Meiji constitution, but the village never knew so they kept the samurais. Also note that samurais here are NOT Royal Guards). Home of many peaceful inhabitants as well.

  • グリルビズ(Gurirubizu, pronounced like "Grillby's")- The famous sushi bar somewhere in the middle of Ni. Ran by Grillby. Sells sushi and other Japanese goods.

三 (San) - Basically Waterfall, practically the same except for the waterfalls being smaller and has more light. Home of the ghost Napstablook and Shogun, Undyne. Shops like Gerson's junk shop (selling scraps and bits of old Japanese equipment) and the Tem Shop (exactly the same save for the Temmies wearing blue and yellow striped kimonos) reside here.

  • テミエ ビリッジ (Temie Biriji, pronounced like Temmie Village)- The residence of the Temmies.

四(Shi)- Basically Hotland, but..not so hot. It's the warmest part of the village though. Contains the Research Laboratory and makeshift stages for メタドル (Metadoll). Nothing much has changed here.

コア(CORE)- The same as it always has, except that it's not a completely modernized power source, rather, it is the center of the village where resources such as food, water and other things are produced. You fight メタドル in the center, where weapons are produced.

新所帯(Shinshotai, New Home)- The new "capital" of Ebott village. This is where you are told about Asriel and Chara by monsters.

罰ホール(Batsu hōru Judgement Hall, directly translated as Punishment Hall)- The last corridor before you fight the Monster Emperor, Asgore. You confront Sans the Samurai here for the last time here. Depending on the route you take, he will either fight you or just talk to you.

謁見室 (Ekken-shitsu, Throne Room)- The Throne Room is a a typical Japanese throne room. This is where you meet Asgore for the first time. Just like the original Throne Room, there are yellow flowers scattered around.

関門 (Kanmon, Barrier)- The edge of Ebott Village. This is what keeps the Monsters inside.

These are all the locations so far. If you were to add one for your OC, please tell me in the comments and where you would like it to be.

Canon Characters

Main Characters

Frisk- They're the same as always, but they are not wearing a sweater, rather they are wearing trousers and a striped shirt with suspenders.

Toriel- She serves Cinnamon/Butterscotch mochi. She wears a kimono with a flower pattern.

Sans- He is one of the two skeleton samurais that live in Snowdin. When you meet him, he is wearing his normal Samurai attire (which is mostly blue), when you battle him (Genocide) he wears his armour. When you meet him again near the end of the True Pacifist route, he wears a blue Yukata .

Papryus- The second of the two skeleton samurais in Snowdin. He always wears his armour and never takes it off unless he's at home. His "cool" clothes are old ninja garments, stating that before he was a samurai alongside his brother, he was the ninja that constantly followed him.

Secondary Characters


Side Characters


Original Characters

Main Characters

Naifu- She's the same as always, except she's more formal and is a samurai. She is one of the story drivers of ST. She looks for an escape route out of Ebott Village alongside Alphys.

Needleteeth - In this AU, he's known as "Needlefang, Undying Warlord", as well as the main antagonist for OCs. He was once a mighty warrior, serving the Human Emperor in the war against monsters, being a mighty dragon warrior (Since he was a dragon himself).

He was executed due to betrayal, and buried by a great mountain. He was brought back by a mysterious, unknown force; a necromancer, perhaps, as an undead dragon. He crossed the Frontier, swearing revenge on monsters for accusing him of his betrayal. Since then, he roams the Ebott Village, in search of those who betrayed him. As of recently, he's been hanging out with Ayako, and adding her as an exception from his revenge-filled quest, and seen as a friend.

He can breathe fire, and shapeshift into a more humanoid version of himself, though having clear details from his dragon form, like his horns, glowing red eyes, dark greyish skin, and armor. The skin in his humanoid form comes from his previous flesh as a Warlord.

Secondary Characters

Ajax- The ninja who stays by Naifu's side.

Avv - As a simple man who carries a "Tate", a large wooden shield with a bunny symbol in it, hiding the past of a Warrior, to join the normal society, but some people still knows about his stories by the Books, and calls him "The Great Avv" or "Shield Warrior" in either way, but that just makes him a bit famous, but not rich.

Lilith - Lilith is a beautiful yet emotionless kunoichi, she hunts down anyone who escapes and enjoys delivering chaos across the Underground though, at heart she's still the same person. She serves Needlefang as an assassin of the shadows.

Brace - Sentient Marionette. She lives in Ni. Wears Japanese Armour with an Oni mask. Usually stays close to the cherry blossom trees, but sometimes walks around in Ni. She uses a Nodachi that uses the power of lightning. Nobody hires her... in fear that she will kill them in their sleep to betray them. Barely will give up in any battle. A strong, somewhat quick opponent.

Mersmis Alxyga - Nicknamed the "Merman of Serene Waters", Mersmis is an ancient monster, residing in Ichi, meditating by his pond and home. He is old, but wise, and knows many things, like a scholar. Many monsters go to him, seeking answers, as if he's some sort of one-monster council.

Slade - Slade is a demonic assassin, and requests those who know him refer to him as Azazel, instead of his true name, he sports black Japanese armor, and a red skull mask, as well as a flaming sword he likes to call "The Fire of War"

Maron- Maron is a samurai who was drafted into it because they had nothing else happening in their life. They call swords "Long Knifes" mostly because they are a idiot, they wear a full body armor which makes them look like a demon pig. they are called majin due to them having extreme luck at winning fights (most of the time) and when they are not lucky, they get completely rekted.They are one of the elite samurai members who never did their job, they got their rank for showing up at the award meeting. They only joined because they thought it was for free food.

Side Characters

  • Trinitro - A shonin who sells potions, bombs and powdrous arsernals. He wears an iron satgat with a mechanical arm beneath it. His arms are covered with a long cloak, only to rely with his machine. Similar to the original, he is shy and fearful but has a secondary personality. He can be very violent if you messed with him. 

Juniper - Juniper is a wandering owl monster and, instead of being related to autumn, Juniper is related to cherry blossom trees, his coloration shifting from yellow and orange to pink and green. He roams the Underground, in search of a family to love. He's named "Sakura" in this AU.

Arkar Elymas - A mysterious necromancer that always walks in shadows, changing his appearance and age so others won't find him. In this AU, he's "Maasaki Once-Prosperous".

Jimmie Miivert - An undocumented Melodian who has come for unknown reasons. He doesn't seem to be from the current time, as he knows about things that came after this era.

AL- A simple innkeeper in Ni.

Larson- Owns the inn along with AL








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