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"I'll give you a slow and cold death." -Sarah fighting the (evil) human


Sarah Frost is a 16 year old girl who lives in Snowdin. Her mother was an ice monster and her father was a human, and were killed because of their differences.

Sarah has blue long wavy hair, and light blue eyes. She typically wears a gray T-shirt with dark gray pants.


Sarah Frost is an introvert. She is very rude and gets angry easily.

Her tone of voice always has annoyance in it when she speaks to others. Sarah is usually depressed, due to the death of her parents.


Ice: Sarah is able to create ice on her own will and use it to attack or defend. She can also turn her body into ice. Temperature: She can also change the temperature by making it colder. This usually happens when she wants it to be colder or someone making her mad.

Living ice: Though she can only make small living ice. She never really shows this to anyone.

Demonic ice: A type of ice Sarah chose to learn. This ice feeds off her hate and slowly consumes her mind. If the ice completely consumes her she will become a ice demon. Though this maybe wont happen as she never really uses it...Maybe...

Soul freeze: With this she can freeze your soul to slow you down so she can kill you.You have to stay still for the ice to melt so you can move...but Sarah may have already killed you

Absolute zero: This move is very deadly and dangerous. Sarah has never used this before and only means to in certain situations. Achieving absolute zero brings down the temperature to the lowest theoretical temperature. It Sarah uses this move she will use a lot of energy



  • none, they are all dead


  • Ranch: The only person and guy Sarah considers their best friend. Though even sarah will keep saying they're just friends, she loves him and badly tries to hide it from other people


  • sans
  • papyrus


  • almost everyone



  • HP:100
  • AT:10
  • DF:5
  • EXP On Kill:10
  • Gold on Win:5


  • HP:100
  • AT:5
  • DF:2
  • EXP On Kill:10
  • Gold on Win:5


  • HP:250
  • AT:20
  • DF:20
  • EXP On Kill:35
  • Gold on Win:5





Sarah wonders how you found her [pacifist or neutral]

Sarah is here to kill you [genocide]

Flavor Text

  • You talk to Sarah...she does not listen [talk]
  • You insult her...she gets pissed. [insult]
  • You flirt with her...she looks at you confused [flirt]


  • Was based on Grey Fullbuster from fairytail



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