Sasha is a short skeleton, being a little taller than Sans. Sasha has long legs, so she's a fast runner. The black markings on her face are just paint, because sometimes she paints her own face.

Sasha has a gray sweater, a purple scarf, a bright purple shirt with a large 99 in the middle and a black line near the bottom. She has jeans and tennis shoes with stars on the sides of them.


Sasha is creative, funny, kind, helpful, smart, but stubborn, over-emotional, rude, self centered. Of course, Sasha isn't always rude or self-centered or stubborn. She is usually kind and positive, but sometimes she starts being like that. She usually will correct herself when she acts up. Also, Sasha sometimes does her tasks lazily, which means she doesn't put a lot of effort into them. Though, she goes back and does them right. Though she is easily annoyed and dislikes to be touched by anyone except friends, she is still often positive and friendly.


Since Sasha is normally peaceful, she wont attack unless in the genocide route. She attacks near the end, because Sasha is usually a little scared when it comes to fighting. While in her battle, there is no way to spare her. She can dodge attacks, since she is very fast, (remember?) she can get out of the way. she will throw fireballs at you in various patterns, which are a little hard for you to dodge. She deals 5 damage upon hitting a fireball. In the middle of the battle, she will slow down due to being tired, and you can hit her, dealing 10 damage to her once. (half of her HP) after that she will continue dodging but attack weaker (about 2 HP upon being hit by a fireball) at the end she will not be able to attack any longer and thats when she will die


Sasha is a good drawer, she loves drawing animals and dragons. She also likes to draw landscapes sometimes. She is good at animating and coding, which she does sometimes on her computer. Her arms aren't very strong, so she cant lift heavy things, but her legs are strong so she can run fast and can climb things easily. Sasha is not very afraid of many things. She'll try new things, even if they're scary.


Sasha has 20 HP...3 ATK...and 20 DEF. Her gold and EXP reward is 50 Gold and 100 EXP


Sasha didn't go into the underground when every other monster did...because she hid in a small cave. So while the war was going on outside she was in a small cave. She was young at the time this happened and her cave was near a village. Every night while humans were asleep, she would sneak into the village to get food. She lived in that cave for 2 years when she finally went into the underground, because she was sick of being alone all the time. She met all her friends, Sans, Tiki, Papyrus, and Undyne, were her friends. They were all the same age, except papyrus, who was younger than everyone else.


Sasha has Fire powers, like toriel, but her fire is a bright purple. She can make rings around whoever she is fighting to enclose them in a small space. She has good aim with her fireballs. She can also fly, when she is in her flying form, which has feathered, purple wings.


  • She likes sans, relationship-wise but has never told anyone, and so they remain just friends. (dont sue meh....).
  • Sasha has a collection of rocks.
  • Sasha's birthstone is diamond.
  • Sasha's eyes can change shape depending on her mood. (Normal white pupils= Neutral) (white X= scared/hurt/sad) (Purple circles= angry/annoyed)

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