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Scourge is a strong monster who wears a mask which is used to suppress large amounts of pain, making it bearable. Not much is known about his past but what is known is from his quotes, for example, he once said "I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!", which implies he was locked up in prison or away from the light for a long time, since he was a boy or when he was born.

He is seen as an excellent hand-to-hand combatant due to his raw strength and surprisingly high intelligence and is considered an efficient strategist. It is also thought that he is simply a high-ranking member of a large group, though that is mainly speculated. He is also known for making speeches via broadcasts to the people of the underground, preaching of a new era of equality, though no one truly knows this is just a lie. or he seeks the destruction of the Underground, not the preservation or change of it.


Scourge is seen as sometimes an 'extremist' but other times seen as an excellent business partner, it really depends on who you are and what you want in life. He can have rather deadly moments of anger, where he once ripped a man limb from limb during one of these moments. What did the man do? Look at Scourge and then laugh to himself. At other times, however, he can be an extremely kind and respectable person, helping any in need. Unfortunately for everyone, he is too busy for that side of him to show that much.


Scourge's past as a child is mainly unknown, the only things that are known is he spent a large amount of his life away from the light for so long it was blinding to him when he first saw it.

He spent his life after seeing the light as a mercenary, doing jobs for hire. He did this for so long that he attracted the attention of many wealthy people with many enemies. And thus, he his time killing, sabotaging, stealing, framing, just about anything as long as he was paid.

Eventually he grew bored of his current life and wanted more, something new. He is thought to have became part of an organisation called 'The Union of Specters', a group who want to destroy the Underground. He then began a new phase in his life, a dangerous, deadly phase.

He became a key member of the group, being it's spokesman on many occasions. Scourge is also seen as the 'face' of the organisation, being wanted by the law, loved by the people he preached to, and a potential ally to the businessmen and anarchists.

Scourge is currently in hiding. Though little does anyone know, he is planning something big. Very big.

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