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Shadoline is a young adult Shadow Cat, a humanoid figure that can change their very being into an actual shadow, giving a dimensional switch kind of feel, going from 3D to 2D.


Shadoline was born in the garbage in Waterfall, she was taken care of singly by her mother, Opian, a Cat Women, until she was 4, to where her mother accidentally fell into the bottomless pit that the rest of the garbage falls down into. She was told of her father by her mother before she fell, a being known as a Shadow Dweller, a Shadowy figure with red eyes, who was commonly mistaken for The Dark Corpse.

Shadoline went in search of her father, hoping he'd be able to help her get her mother back, however, when she did eventually find her father, he was unwilling to help, and denied any claims that he was Shadowline's father. With a deep hatred over her father, Shadowline was forced to raise herself by herself, and eventually when she was 17, she went back to her father, and attempted a blackmail towards him, to either help her get her mother back, or to die. When he still refused, she beat him to unconsciousness, and dragged him back to Waterfall through the shadows and darkness. She then threw him down into the pit also. She hated herself for these choices soon after, and broke down into thinking she was a merciless killer, however, as she didn't actually kill him, she never gained any LOVE.

She decided to move out of Waterfall, and wonder the Underground for a new home, She eventually settled on The Deep Forest as her new home. She knows of it's only other sentient habitant, Pit Pit Peter, and what he's done to others, so she has tried her best to remain hidden from him, making her one of the very few monsters Peter has yet to find out about. Now, she has a well hidden cabin in The Deep Forest that she built on her own, and frequently likes to take strolls through Snowdin and Waterfall. But rarely Hotlands.


Shadoline looks like a women with pitch black fur with some white spots on her back, a long tail, and two pointy ears on her head. Her eyes are a cyan green, and her fangs small, but sharp. She has short black and white tinted hair that reaches to her shoulder blades.

She wears black high heels to make her taller, when she's only about 5'4, she has black tights with a white fluff and black leather jacket, along with a white shirt underneath. She wears a necklace with a ruby on it underneath a white scarf that covers her neck and her mouth that both used to belong to her mother, she also has a sort of hat on that lets her ears stick out, and is snug around her head. She also has a bracelet that she stole from her father, with three black jewels on it.


Shadoline has a complicated personality. She is mostly to herself, and very lonely. She feels that no one really cares for her, so in return she acts rather sad and rude to others. She has no friends because of this, and she often feels bad for herself. She has occasional outbursts of anger and insecurity. Feeling she's always being judged. When she's in a good mood though, she acts like a child, a very happy and excited one at that.

Her emotions are very sensitive, so it's advised to be cautious around her, as she could go from happy to anger and sadness very easily.


Shadowing :

Shadoline has the unique ability to actually become a shadow, not just hide as one or look like one, but to change her very physical being into one. When normal, she is same as everyone else. But as a shadow, she can only be hit with light or anything that could break whatever she is being a shadow on. She can still pick things up as long as it casts a shadow, as she can pick the shadow up, and it counts as pick the actual object or person up. They seem to be levitating. As a shadow, she has no issues picking up even the heaviest of objects, as long as they aren't actually connected to ground like buildings. Her eyes are always visible though. When hit with light as a Shadow, she feels pain, and if in enough pain, she'll jump out of being a shadow and back to normal.

Shadow Shifting :

Shadoline can somewhat morph herself as a shadow, to look like the object or person's shadow, or take over it. Which if she takes over it, it just disappears off of the other person or object, while she acts as it, doing whatever she wants.

Shadow Claw :

  1. Using the bracelet she stole from her father, when she puts her fingers on the three black jewels, it morphs into a sort of black wolf-like claw that covers her entire arm up to the elbow.
  2. With this claw, she can shoot a beam of dark light, which can't kill, but very badly hurt those with a very kind heart. On those who are merciless and uncaring, it does nothing.
  3. The claw can also grab Shadows without becoming a shadow, although, this causes pain to whatever the shadow belongs to.
  4. The claw takes it's toll on Shadoline, and if on for too long, can corrupt her and make her lose her will to it, causing her to become evil and under the claw's control.

Shadow Beast :

Shadoline's form changes when she uncovers her ruby necklace and puts the bracelet's black jewels to it, which turns her entire body into her father's beast form. A tall being standing at 7'7 feet with large wolf-like claws, and snout, red veins of power all over it's body. She has a blade that comes with this form called the Shadow Blaster Blade, which when slashed in midair, makes a slash of dark energy fly at her target, however, like her claw's beam it can't kill, but very badly hurt those with a very kind heart. On those who are merciless and uncaring, it again, does nothing.

Also like her claw, this form is completely out of Shadoline's control and cannot be stopped completely without being hit with light repeatedly, which will weaken it until it eventually vanishes, leaving a very weak Shadoline behind. If in this form for longer than many months, the form will stay and Shadoline will be destroyed internally. The form can be weakened to the point of killing it, but that will also kill Shadoline.

Shadow Beast's Stats

HP: 70

AT: 30

DF: 30


Based on Beleco and The Dark Corpse, The Grim from RWBY, and Giratina from Pokémon.

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