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Shadow of Mine, not to be confused with Shadow, is a enigmatic and evasive monster. His location, purposes, and motives are all a mystery to this day.


Although Shadow of Mine is a shadow creature, with no true appearance, some have reported to have seen a tall dark entity, speculated to be nearly 8-9 ft tall, wearing what seems to be a sand colored suit and red tie, darkened like the rest of his shadow form.

This Shadow of Mine has also been seen alongside a man in sand colored travel clothes.
Shadow SOUL2


I am the guardian, oh yes. I will protect my only friend, to the last essence. Whatever predicament shall occur, I shall protect. I will die for him. I lurk in the shadow cast by him. In the end, I AM him.


My story started off simple. My dearest solved a great puzzle. Yet, he declined to the reward, abundance of powers. Instead, he asked for a companion. And then I became made. 

My friend was left off in an era foreign to him. I bore gifts, to save him. A simple coin, oh yes? Precious, enough to be exchanged for a large sum. As the years past, I offered all the knowledge and wisdom he could need. When the time came, he bought my coin back, just for me. How thoughtful, is my friend. 

But the murderers came, and we had to flee. Vanquished his funds, as I requested. And we took the journey up the forsaken mountain, and leaped, into the next world.

And to this day, I will safeguard him. His shield, his vanguard, his escort. He will say, "This is, truely, the Shadow of Mine."


  • Did not copy Dove's Shadow what-so-ever. Seriously. I made this idea first. ;P

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