Shalela is the 8th wizard and the most powerful out of the other seven that made the barrier


She is calm and quiet she stands in the back of crowds observing them looking for more people like her . she is the last wizard of her kind in this realm and wishes for all monster kind to go back and be banished into the underground for ever so she tries to think of ways to do so. she thought about opening a portal to a different multiverse get Betty and destroy them but she dose not know how to open the she sits watching waiting for the right moment .and try's to fight as little as she can ( unless its a monster )


she has vary tan skin (but she only shows her hands)long fingernails . a purple robe like river persons . and a shadowy black face . with a sword .


  • Photoshop sword . it being Photoshop is easy to see it dose 30 damage each hit and flouts telepathically
  • telekinesis . it is connected to her soul so if she uses it to much or lifts to much weights it will slowly lowers her Hp.the max weight she can carry with her magic is 120lb with ease and cant lift 300 or over . if she uses it 5 times a day it will be to much
  • heat laser . it takes a couple seconds to load it has the force of a plasma beam and drains your Hp 20 damage a second but is vary tiring and not her top preference for a kill.


  • she will not hurt a human
  • try's to share peace unless its monsters
  • has no empathy
  • being the only wizard she has lack of conversation and will not take to anyone unless its important
  • she is depressed because she is all alone and needs a comforter but dose not admit it


she when she was seven wanted to protect all and be the most powerful. When she was in her twenty's the war happened the war between humans and monsters she was running through town to get to her house a monster attacked her it was the king monster Asgore he nearly impelled her but her mom and dad came they told her to run and never look back so she did and that was the last she saw her parents and when they were sealing the monsters underground she offered to help thinking her power alone would keep them underground forever but they refused and she vowed to make shore Asgore never lived again .


Asgore: her mortal enemy


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