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Sherlang En - or just Sherlang - is a respected member of the Royal Guard and oldest son of the Phinesworth family. He and his sister, Bella, are the two of the most prominent Guardsmen in Hotland and New Home and take their job very seriously. As an ally to justice an an enemy to any wrongdoer, Sherlang En makes sure that no criminal in the Underground goes unpunished for their actions!


Resembling the mighty phoenix of legend, Sherlang En thinks he's a sight to behold. Maybe he is, but it's all up to interpretation. He looks to be some sort of anthropomorphic bird with a certain blaze about him, you could say. The feathers on his wings (Which also happen to function as his arms) are always set ablaze. The truth? They're not on fire at all. Using a permenant kind of illusion magic, he sets the appearance that his wings are on fire in order for his enemies to think he's some sort of legendary creature. To match the flames on his arms, the colour of his entire body (His feathers, technically) is an orange. Naturally dark, the illusioned flames make them quite a bit brighter.

His eyes are at an angle, constantly tilted as he attempts to examine his opponent's weaknesses in the name of justice. This never works, however, as the exposing of weaknesses is left to Sherlang En's Third Eye: a mysterious eye placed in between his other two (And slightly above 'em, but I digress). According to Sherlang, this Third Eye is said to exhibit a great deal of power and is said to expose the evil that evildoers have done! He also says it exposes the truth of everything but these claims can't really be confirmed. His Third Eye is usually closed and only opens in the heat of battle, when he must fight to his fullest!

He dons standard Royal Guard during his patrols, perfectly fitted so that his wings hang out the side. This is to make sure that even in the heat of battle, flight is still possible for him. Sherlang wields a triple pointed spear into battle. Said spear, when compared to Undyne's, offers higher power and accuracy, but the extra metal on the end means it is quite the bit heavier. His spear is also decorated with a blue gemstone in the middle of the three points, and he takes great pride in telling people that he found it himself.


A firm belief in justice has Sherlang En believing even the slightest crime is worthy of great repercussions. Not even for a good reason will Sherlang let a crime slip past him, and he is always one of the first on the case when it comes to stopping a problem (Usually accompanied by his two loyal retainers who are a tad more merciful than he is)! He is extremely kind and forgiving to those he treats as friends (Or as he often calls them "Allies of Justice"), even becoming slightly hypocritical if a close one commits some sort of crime. His love for justice is matched only by his love for his sister, and one of his retainers.

He talks big about both himself and his weapon to try and scare enemies off. Not that he's afraid of combat, in fact, he welcomes the simple thought of it. No, he rather prefers to get on his retainer (Maia)'s good side, as she much prefers it when he doesn't always end things by drawing his weapon. Because of this, a lot of people tend to think of Sherlang as a liar (Even though he barely ever lies, a lover of justice must never commit such a sin!) but he rarely lets it get to him. Despite having the appearance of a phoenix, he has the emotional strength of a turtle's shell! ...Which might not be very powerful, actually. Nobody really knows if his Third Eye really works, or if its some sort of genetic mutation. Regardless, he's still a very useful ally to have in combat and values his allies (and friends) above all else, even himself.

After Ketchup's defeat during an expedition in Snowdin, Sherlang En decided to stop any sort of slacking he was doing. Losing any piece of mercy for the unjust ones that he ever had, he would now make sure none caused chaos in his beloved Underground. 


A child born into the wealthy Phinesworth family is never destined to live a life of solitude. Of course, Sherlang En is no exception to that. Though his appearance was always astounding (The only orange bird in his family of bluebirds, how strange!) his parents viewed their older daughter, Bella, as more worthy of the Phinesworth name than Sherlang. In fact, he was raised by one of his mother's subordinates for the majority of his youth. Though he often felt jealousy toward his sister and sadness when his parents always picked her over him, he still loved them all the same.

Sherlang bonded with this subordinate over the course of his life, and the two greatly enjoyed each other's company. She considered Sherlang a son, and he considered her a mother. When he finally grew into his teenage years, he made her his first ever retainer and did not regret it even slightly. Maia became one of the most important figures in Sherlang's life, and he would do anything to make her happy. His second retainer, Richard, came about not to soon after Maia became his retainer. A poor rooster from Snowdin, he was offered to become Sherlang's butler and eventually his second retainer. Both Richard and Maia were extremely loyal, and even in Sherlang's guard years advised him many a time.

His love for justice came about one day when he spotted a thief making away with some noblelady's purse. Getting it back was no issue, but the thief (Some white snake-like monster) was able to slither out of Sherlang's grasp. He realised what he could do best: Help people! He joined the Royal Guard almost instantly and never looked back. His parents, seeking to still have Bella better than him, also pressured her into joining the Royal Guard in his footsteps. The two now often work together under the title "The Hotland Enforcers".

His attention soon shifted to Snowdin after Ketchup's failure in a mission there. With Bella taking care of Ketchup, Sherlang was left to patrol Snowdin himself - Making sure any slight crime done there is rightfully punished. He has made a Wanted list currently consisting of three people and plans to hunt them down for causing such unlawful chaos. Justice will strike, and those who do bad must fear it like the plague.


Sherlang En never changed - And his love for justice always burned bright, even in the darkest times for Monsterkind. He eventually developed a passionate love for his sister's retainer, Xyla, but the flames of passion in his heart were doused with the waters of sadness.


HP - 6,000

ATK - 40

DEF - 15


  • Sherlang En is, quite obviously, based on the character Erlang Shen from Chinese Mythology. Namely, his appearance in the video game SMITE.
  • Sherlang's Third Eye allows him to check the stats of his opponents. If given enough time, it also gives him a strategy that could work in defeating them.
  • There is at least some credibility to the way he talks so highly of himself. Deep within him lies the power of a sleeping Phoenix... He just doesn't know that, and doesn't know how to awaken said power, either.
    • The same goes for his sister, Bella.

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