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"How I got all of these scars? You don't wanna know" Shu talking to frisk


Shu is a 27 year old monster who follows in the ancient ways of martial arts. He is a lone wander fighting anyone for a challenge and destroying all evil. He's is often see around snowdin wearing a long cloak.


Shu is one of those lone wanders who fight in the name of justice like undyne. He is often quiet and mysterious around people. His tone is very serious and always have a hint of anger in it. Despite this he is really kind hearted person as he has a soft spot for children. This was until he was tortured one day. He escaped a week later with his sanity barely holding. He killed a whole family in that state. So he has been training his mind to forget it. It worked a little bit. Behind the calm outer shell is a killer inside.


Underneath his cloak he is wears a black coat and with his enchanted gauntlet. His body and face has many scars. He is also missing his left arm which is replaced with a metal arm. His fur has a gray color while his eyes black.



  • None


  • None yet


  • Asgore,sans,undyne


  • Those he consider evil



  • HP:500
  • AT:15
  • DF:15
  • EXP On Kill:700
  • Gold on Win:10


  • HP:500
  • AT:12
  • DF:12
  • EXP On Kill:700
  • Gold on Win:10


  • HP:1000
  • AT:30
  • DF:20
  • EXP On Kill:1000
  • Gold on Win:10


None as shu can't really be talked to. You can still spare him though.



"You bump into a cloaked figure" meeting frisk in pacifist/ neutral route

Flavor Text

"..." Shu meeting frisk

"Why hello there human..." Shu meeting frisk in genocide run

"You're sparing me?" Frisk trying to spare shu

"Are you going to fight?" Frisk sparing shu more times

"Fight back!" Shu yelling at frisk to fight

"If you're not going to fight I might as well leave." Shu leaving after being spared


  • He regularly drinks hot sauce
  • Current styles of Shu uses are: ninjustu, judo, drunken boxing, tae kwon do and his favorite... dog or wolf style kung fu



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