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Juliet Yakashina is a Dark Valkyrie, the offspring of a succubus and a bird monster. She lives in Snowdin, going by the name of Siramare, her succubus name. She appears like a rather young lass despite being two centuries old. Like most succubi, Siramare enjoys draining energy from people, especially men. Siramare is quite a troublemaker.

Siramare has a rather varied expression, but is often described as lustful and malicious in nature. She does have a better side, which is rarely shown.


Siramare has light yellow hair, with a hair style similar to Mercy’s from Overwatch. A black, triangular horn sprouts from each of her temples, which go up and point back. There are noticeable grey feathers covering her ears, resembling small wings. Siramare has stormy grey eyes and sharp fangs.

On her shoulder blades are a pair of black, bat-like wings, capable of flight. Siramare wears a red T-shirt and a grey feather necklace, as well as a pair of ripped-up blue denim shorts and black boots. She has a long, black pointed tail, which starts at her lower back area.


Siramare’s birth was caused when a succubus managed to seduce a bird monster into marriage. However, the married couple divorced shortly afterwards. Siramare was raised by the father, before he had gotten lost in the Human-Monster War when she was 5. She was eventually at home found by a group of rescue monsters, who nursed her until she was twelve and ready to be independent. A few days after, the Monsters lost the war and were forced to go into the Underground.



It is quite easy for Siramare to charm people, regardless of gender or sexuality, with a little bit of magic. She can use this as a way of persuasion or commanding someone to do something, or maybe to have someone fall in love with her.

Life Drain

Siramare can slowly drain someone of their life force through many ways, such as killing or impaling them. However, her favorite way to do this is to kiss them and drain their soul through their mouth.

Emotion Flower

Siramare has a garden of these rainbow-colored roses in her backyard. Smelling the pollen of one of these flowers will cause you to have a drastic change of emotions, shown through the color of your eyes. Siramare can also grow flowers with pollen causing you to have a particular emotion.


  • Siramare is bisexual.
  • Siramare is a vegetarian.
  • Siramare enjoys draining the life of bird monsters more than any other sub-species of monster.

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