Skelenny used to be the King of Monsters before Asgore was around. Some say that Skelenny was so powerful, he farted out Humans and Monsters one day when he was bored. These claims can't be confirmed by anyone, though.


"Skelenny has a great personality", says his previous romantic partners. Generally, Skelenny is playful, to the extent of some saying he's a bit immature, though with the power he has, he can afford to play around a little. With his great power, he's also pretty reckless, barely giving a crap if he destroys his most expensive thing.

Despite that, though, when the time comes, Skelenny really does care about... uh, himself, and will quite easily, without mercy, defend himself if he feels he has to. He doesn't hold anyone else in as high regard as he does himself, because he feels all who are weaker are inferior, and since everyone is weaker than him, they are all inferior, obviously.


Skelenny resembles a monster who is currently alive, that being Sans, though it's not known if the two are connected. Skelenny's attire too, is similar, if not identical to Sans', wearing a unzipped jacket, along with shorts and slippers. Skelenny decided to wear clothes like this because they were easy to find, and the shorts are both comfy and easy to wear.

He also permanently has his signature "Skelenny Smile" on him 24/7/365. This smile is a show of power that shows he is very powerful, as anyone who tries to do the Skelenny smile without having sufficient DETERMINATION will be unable to do it just right, and will always have that one detail wrong that will anger them for a long time. He also has black eyebrows that he can summon and de-summon at will.

When he was the King, he wore basically the same stuff, though also had a crown and a red cape. Exactly why he had this, except to look more cool, is unknown.


Long ago, there was a hero of the Humans known simply as "Grand Dad". Grand Dad was a powerful warrior and once went on a journey by himself to do something or other, events of the journey were not really recorded. Anyway, when he returned he had obtained some sort of new power: The power to create Monsters. However, Grand Dad was a very selfish man and created the first set of Monsters simply for his own personal pleasure. Nobody agreed with him, but with a power as great as his he could be stopped by nobody. He created his own personal batch of bodyguards known as "Angels" and went to have a snooze a few eternities long.

A long time had passed, and Grand Dad was not seen at all for many years. One of his descendants went on a quest of his very own and met one of the angels whom had been created to guard Grand Dad from anything. They had a forbidden love, and soon this love bared a forbidden fruit... A child, named "Luka". He was hidden away in a village as to not anger the Mighty Grand Dad until he was strong enough to fight back. The two parted ways, and Luka grew up with an adoptive mother, a close friend of his father before his parting.

And Luka began a quest of his very own. He started poorly and teamed up with one of the monsters Grand Dad had created. This monster was different from the rest, and actually saw Luka as a friend. Together (And with the help of 4 other special Monsters) they took down the angels and then aimed for Grand Dad after they had gotten even stronger. The events of the final battle were catastrophic... Grand Dad had slain all but one of the many sent out to defeat him. The lone survivor, under the alias "Camilla" revived Luka as a Monster, with a new name and appearance. Luka had been reborn... as the legendary Skelenny.

Grand Dad was utterly obliterated by Skelenny's newfound power, and Skelenny took all that Grand Dad did not use. Using this, he created a new world for everyone who had survived: A world where Humans and Monsters would finally be equals to one another. A world where anyone could get along, and no pointless fighting would ever happen. Skelenny watched over this world for a brief amount of time, giving himself the title "King of Monsters", with Camilla serving as his maid. When he realised Humans and Monsters were going to start a full scale war with one another, he fucked off somewhere and left the throne to some guy named Asgore.

He then disappeared, with Camilla in tow. For years he never returned to the world as he had better to do than watch over these idiots. A few humans entered some prison called the Underground so he followed them there. Apparently, Monsters had failed in the war so badly that instead of even dying they just got imprisoned underground with some magic spell. He was disappointed in his creation so didn't even bother to break this barrier, "they'll find a way on their own" he said. He set up shop in the Underground and lived there for a long time. He didn't know where Camilla went though, and couldn't be arsed to go find her.

The seventh human entered the Underground, and their decisions impacted everything. Depending on what they did, Skelenny will have a different outcome, but he survives in every route. If they choose pacifism, Skelenny decides to leave the Underground with the other Monsters where he poses as a Human in order to get the attention of a Love Fairy. Succeeding in this goal, he once more becomes the Biggest Playa the Monster race has ever known and he lives out the rest of his life in sheer awesomeness.

If they choose neutrality, Skelenny gets pissed and becomes King of Monsters once more. He expands the kingdom greatly and makes the Underground a great place to live. Unfortunately, some idiots following a random cat start a rebellion so he has to fight back against them. He of course succeeds in doing this, and the rest of the Underground no longer even wants to return to the surface. Skelenny once more makes a happy ending, and lives as the King forever.

If the Human chooses Genocide, Skelenny escapes into the previous world created by Grand Dad and revives every Human there. He lacks the power to revive the Monsters in any meaningful state, so instead gives superpowers to animals because why not. People fail to recognise him as an actual King, so he gets angry once more and reverts back to his human appearance. He grows out his hair and changes it to green and becomes edgy and stuff. Now, King Skelenny (Who changed his name to Ghetsis or something, usually misheard as Dennis) leads an evil team of Superpowered Animals to reclaim what was his.

Turns out, reverting to his human form made him lose all his powers, so that was utterly stupid. After being stomped by a 10 year old prodigy not once but fucking twice, Skelenny changed his ways and went to seek power elsewhere. Along his journey, he found Camilla (Who had went to this world ages ago but Skelenny forgot to bring her back to the other world). The two revealed their hidden love for one another, and they were finally happy. It is in this timeline that Skelenny bears his only son... The living legend, Niles (Also known as Skelenny Jr.).


...Well not really...


At first, Skelenny's battle is very similar to Sans', with the only difference being that he doesn't use Sans' "Strongest attack" right at the beginning. Soon, after about 4 or 5 turns, Skelenny will realize that the Player is quite the bit more powerful than he imagined. He will quickly grow his eyebrows, and this is when the REAL battle begins.

He will continue using attacks similar to Sans', but will mess with the Player in many ways. He can swap around the FIGHT, ACT, ITEM and MERCY boxes to his own will, sometimes making it annoying for the player to select what they want. Inside the menus, he can also mess with things there too. He can mess with CHECK and PERSUADE in the ACT menu, mess with the Player's items by dropping them during/before the battle, and even make it almost impossible to hit him by messing with the Player's "Fight cursor(s)".

After Sparing him, Skelenny will realize the Player's true power, and give them his phone number. At this point, he can be called to activate a "Boss Rush", where the Player will fight Skelenny using the attacks of other Bosses the player has encountered. The player cannot die here, and will instead wake up in Papyrus' bed, with him telling the Player he found them outside in the cold.

If the Player defeats Skelenny with force, he marvels at how someone could defeat him with such ease, before turning to dust. If the player defeats him before facing Sans, Sans will be much powered up, telling the player that he sensed someone important being defeated. Sans will now have 2 ATK and 2 DEF.


ATK - 5

DEF - 5


Check, Persuade, Talk about Miku.


To spare Skelenny, the player must Persuade him at least three times, then cycle through his dialogue by clicking Spare. He will realize the Player truly doesn't want to fight, and will end the battle, not because he has to, but because he's taken a small liken to the Player, and wants to see them suffer through the Boss Rush.


"(Skelenny)" -Something he randomly says.

"hot." -When attacked for the first time.

"ok." -Persuade, 1st time.

"k" -Persuade, 2nd time.

"ic" -Persuade, 3rd time.

"My Wife" -Talk about Miku

"you're not like the others." -Spare

"you have some good." -Spare

"and since you're my friend..." -Spare

"you're going to enjoy your present." -Spare

"call me at anytime for a surprise" -Getting his number

"you want the surprise now?" -Choice to activate Boss Rush or not.

"k" -Choice for yes or no to the Boss Rush question.


  • BEAR - Skelenny and BEAR are friendly rivals, when Skelenny became his new self, he found BEAR. They spared. Albeit BEAR always wins, although holding back, alot.
  • Big Green - Skelenny and Big Green are also friendly rivals. Skelenny and Big Green actually have fair matches, with Skelenny sometimes winning and vice versa.

Battle Text

"The Legendary Skelenny appears." -Encounter

"Skelenny does something funny, he waits for your reaction." -Neutral

"Skelenny can sense your inner demons, you monster." -Neutral

"Skelenny 5 ATK 5 DEF. Legendary being not made up of every SOUL in the Underground." -Check

"You try to persuade Skelenny. He might not be listening." -Persuade.

"You try again. He pays less attention." -Persuade, second time.

"He actually listens this time, even if just for a moment." -Persuade, third time.


  • In nonsensical RPs, Skelenny has an ability called "Godmode", where he can do anything he pleases. This includes being killed and then making hundreds of mini-Skelennies appear from what was once his body.

When Asriel absorbs all the SOULs in the Underground, somehow, Skelenny gets absorbed, too. But only because he happened to be in the Throne Room, trying on his crown.


Skelenny uses the same moves Sans' and Papyrus' lost SOULs do, the only difference being that he's on his own. To get him to remember the player, they must select every action apart from Cry.


When fighting Skelenny's lost SOUL, the player may select from: Talk About Miku, Cry, Surprise or HuniePop.

Battle Text

The Lost SOUL appears! - Encounter

You try to start a conversation about Miku... He's trying to hide his smile. - Talk about Miku

You cry and tell the Lost SOUL you need a friend. *But nobody cares. - Cry

You tell the lost SOUL you'd like your surprise now... He brings out his cell phone. - Surprise

You tell the lost SOUL you want to play HuniePop... He grins. - HuniePop

Suddenly, the lost SOUL remembers something! - Meeting Save Conditions

"Send him to hell for me, bro." - Skelenny, after meeting Save Conditions.


Lost SOUL Skelenny credit. Idea: Dove. Amazing art of amazingness: Wyv