Long ago, horrible MONSTERS stalked the night.

They mowed HUMANS down like blades of grass.

But as the years went on, and the MONSTERS ran out of HUMANS to kill...

The survivors stopped fearing them.

Without fear, the MONSTERS slowly lost their strength...

And the HUMANS fought them to a standstill, sealing them on an island, inside a lake.

Legend says that those who step onto the island...

Die a horrible death.



SlasherTale is an AU in which classic slasher movie killers replace characters from UNDERTALE. More specifically, Ash Williams replaces TORIEL DREEMURR, Thomas Crowley replaces Napstablook, Freddy Krueger replaces ASRIEL DREEMURR (and his severed head replaces Flowey), Chucky the Killer Doll replaces Sans, Leatherface replaces Papyrus, Jason Voorhees replaces Undyne, Herbert West replaces Alphys, Pamela Voorhees replaces the Mad Dummy, Victor Crowley replaces Mettaton, Pumpkinhead replaces W. D. Gaster, and Pinhead replaces ASGORE DREEMURR.


MONSTERS were far more powerful than humans, but their power relied entirely on being feared. Once humans realized this, they used it as a weapon, hiding from the monsters and never teaching their children about their existance. After decades of this tactic, they were able to attack the weakened monsters and drive them onto an island in the center of Crystal Lake, where the monsters could not escape. The humans, though, did not forget about the monsters, and many years later, folk tales and ghost stories had slowly increased the fear the humans had of the monsters, and with increased human population, the monsters began to slowly grow more powerful.

The only way for the Monsters to escape Crystal Lake is to use seven human souls, each one with a different attribute (Black, Jock, Stoner, Nerd, Fat, Bitch, and Blonde) to open a portal to the outside world. Pinhead has six of the seven souls, and you, the Blonde soul, are the only one left that he needs. Your only options are exterminating the monsters to save mankind, escaping and preventing them from creating a portal, or convincing the monsters that they do not need to kill humans. The only way to accomplish this is to go to Crystal Lake and cross the island, either befriending or killing the monsters you pass by.

But the evil Freddy Kreuger has other plans, and he needs the human souls to accomplish them, which means you're number one on his nightmarish hit-list. 


Ash Williams

A human that the monsters accepted as one of their own (they had no choice! He'd have slaughtered them otherwise!), Ash was nevertheless far from a popular monster. He constantly had to defend himself from attempts at his life, and eventually, he had no choice but to take up residence at the DOCKS, where he does his best to keep any arriving humans from falling into the evil hands of monsters who want their heads, and souls. He'd be more inclined to kill you himself than allow your soul to be taken by the monsters. 

Fred The Head

Fred The Head

*That's a real juicy soul you got there, kid.

Of all the monsters, the one that relied most of all on humans fearing him was Freddy Krueger. After his "death" in an unfortunately-timed fight with Jason Voorhees, he found that he was too weak to even use any of his powers, and only had the strength to hold on to life as his own severed head. With a human soul, though, he could regain his old body! He could return to his former glory as the strongest monster to ever live! He could rule the entire world with an iron fist! And he intends to do it! 
Fred OVW

*Heya bitch! Ya can call me Fred! Fred the Head!

Thomas Crowley

The father of Victor Crowley and a good friend of Pamela Voorhees, Victor died along with his son in an accident long ago, and was revived as a fatalistic ghost with a... less than positive outlook on life. Especially so after his son's spirit abandoned him when Dr. West offered to reanimate him. Thomas is currently possessing his own corpse, hoping, like any other ghost, that he can eventually bond with it once again. 

Chucky the Killer Doll

Genocide Chucky

*I don't think you know who I fucking am. I'm Chucky the killer doll. Do you have any idea what that name fucking means!?

Chucky was never much to look at. Quick on his feet, sure, but he couldn't hit real hard, and he'd always been a fragile one. But he, if no one else, knew that he was something special. He took it upon himself to take care of an orphaned monster named Leatherface, and has grown
Chucky OVW

*Yo. Call me Chucky. Chucky the Killer Doll, for short.

quite a liking for the big guy, protecting him with everything he's got. Which is, mark his words, one hell of a lot. 


This monster lost his family at a young age, after which he took up a habit of getting into moods, wild killing frenzies that made even other monsters want to avoid his unpredictable company. The only one who was ever capable of calming him down was Chucky. Leatherface is usually harmless, but when he gets into one of those moods, well... you'd better hope Chucky wants to get him out of it, or else that chainsaw won't just be for show. 

Pamela Voorhees

The mother of Jason Voorhees, a spirit possessing her own rotting corpse, Pamela has a deep, seething hatred for humans matched only by her affinity for machettes. Se is, of course, completely immortal and intangible, unless of course one could cause her to bond with her body, in which case, she would be well and truly mortal...

Jason Voorhees

Jason OVW

*Ki ki ki. Ma ma ma.

Slow, mute, lumbering, and nearly completely unkillable, Jason is the vanguard of Pinhead's Hell Warriors. He usually only kills humans as a matter of course, and would likely be at peace with his own death, presuming he didn't have a personal reason to kill the human he was looking for. 
Human Jason

*The hairs on your back stand up. *You feel like you are in grave danger.

Undead Jason

*Jason lives!

Of course, if one ended up killing his mother, or something of the sort, well... let's just say that he wouldn't go down so easily. 

Herbert West

An insane scientist who's experiments caused such havok, he was reclassified as a monster, despite technichally being human. His specialty, of course, is the reanimation of corpses, using a variety of biological, technological, and mystical means. He built Victor Crowley his own part-mechanical, part-zombie body. He currently works on his own, with only vague supervision by Pinhead.

Victor Crowley

A part-robot, part-zombie, Victor has nearly forgotten about his father back in the DOCKS, and now gets his kicks from showing off his body to his prospective victims. To this end, he requested that Herbert build him a proxy body, allowing him to reveal his true form with a bit more showmanship.

Of course, Herbert was enclined to build him something slightly more... eldritch. But he'd have no reason to use it. Unless, of course, the survival of monsterkind itself was at stake. 


The boss of Hell itself was naturally enstated to be the boss of monsters when they were trapped within Crystal Lake. His powers were the only thing that could possibly free monsters from the lake, but he needed the particular human souls to do so, and therefore you'll be in his chains if you ever come close. 



Replacing Lucifer, Pennywise was once a horrifying being from the Macroverse/Tobash Darkness. After being nearly killed in the Battle, he hid away on the island in order to escape the shame of defeat. His items are more or less the same, though the names are changed. (Ex. "Red Balloon" replaces "Metatron's Wings", and "Orange Light" replaces "Supreme".) Pennywise only appears in FUN values between 19 and 19.1, with only a 12% chance of appearing anyways.

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