"I'm not just a pretty flower." ~Snap Dragon.

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Quick Description

Snap Dragon, also known as Snap for short, is a ten-year old plant monster. Her parents were killed by humans, resulting in her having a very big distaste to them. Otherwise, she seems to not mind being an orphan. For some reason, she enjoys staying in Snowdin, mostly at Grillby's. She doesn't stay there long, because the cold could make her wilt.

She apparently doesn't have an offical home, but, it appears she usually falls asleep in Waterfall. She also has a job as a gardener.

Ever since her parent's had died, she takes care of her little brother Rocky, protecting him from any harm.


Snap is very calm, and chilled, spending her time just hanging out. She drinks alot of water, and doesn't really enjoy any other drinks. She hates dry area's, and area's too cold for her, though she enjoys staying in Snowdin for a small amount of time, usually to just hang at Grillby's. She doesn't exactly like human's, though she will be often calm with Frisk. She is usually very nice and friendly, and overall, snappy. She is also very loyal, and can always keep secrets, though she isn't very good when it comes to promises. She can be rude to some when they tick her off, and she has a short-temper. She is actually sorta clumsy, though most don't bring it up. She is also very charming, though not often. She likes to garden, as she is very good with it, being a plant monster and all that. When with close friend's, she has a very good humor, and can be very protective.


She has green skin, that feel's more like the leaf's of a plant. There is a bunch of vine's on her head, that she can grow longer if she wants too, that seems like hair. She often wears it in a ponytail, with a purple elastic to hold it in place. She also wears a blue shirt with a large, red flower at the back with short sleeves that cover her shoulders. She also wears black leggings. She is often seen holding a flower, matching her mood. Most of her clothes are dirty. When at work, she wears blue, dirty overalls, a red shirt, and a straw hat that has a rose attached to it with a blue ribbon. She also wears her hair out.


Snap Dragon is very tough, and most of her fighting skills are physical and earth related.

Vines: Snap can untie her vines and grow them big enough to tangle someone. She use's it mostly to chock someone.

Speed: Snap is actually very speedy, and it can be harder to hurt her because of her smallness.

Quick thinker: She is intelligent, and a quick thinker, making plans very quickly. They normally work out, though not always.



  • Rocky: Snap takes it as her job to take care of and protect Rocky, as he is her only family left.


(Will be added after RP)


(Will be added after RP)


  • The humans that killed her parents



  • HP:100
  • AT:5
  • DF:2
  • EXP on kill:100


  • HP:100
  • AT:5
  • DF:3
  • EXP on kill:90


  • HP:160
  • AT:10
  • DF:5
  • EXP on kill:1310


Talk, Flirt, Insult, Check

Check Dialogue: A snappy flower that has a small distaste for humans.




Snap Dragon smiles at you, a dandelion in her hands.


Snap Dragon blocks you, an unusual angry expression on her face.

Flavor Text

Snap Dragon doesn't respond. [Talk 1]

Snap Dragon shrugs. [Talk 2]

"I don't believe so..." [Talk 2 Quote]

Snap Dragon blushes and looks away for a moment. [Flirt]

Snap Dragon huffs at you. [Insult 1]

"Just a comment like that won't get you out of this." [Insult 1 Quote]

Snap Dragon tugs on her hair. [Insult 2]

"Its... It's not like that..." [Insult 2 Quote]



"I knew it. I knew you haven't changed. You killed them all. You even killed my brother. Now you'll pay for it." [Encounter/When killing Rocky.]

"I tried to act nice to you. I even thought of becoming your friend. But it turned out your just like any other human..." [After first attack]

[So, Here's the rest, basically after each attack]

"Why would you do this, though? Are you just like another human? Just because we look different, then you should get rid of us?"

"I really, really tried. If I was more smarter, you would be dead before you even took a step!"

"But no. I was too kind. Too friendly. And now look what happened!"

"It's all your fault..."

"You killed the only family I had left! And now I will avenge them!"

"It's ethier you are me, kid!"

"Ugh... I won't give up... Until you die..." [50% HP]

"You only care about yourself. Don't you?"

"I'm not just a pretty flower, you know...."

"If I ever do, for some reason, get up from the underground, I will strange all of your kind with my own vines!"

"Wilting..." [Close to death]

"I... I failed... I tried... But I failed... You know what's worst, though? I'm just gonna wilt. It'll be slow... And painful... But... At least I know I died trying to avenge them... Heh.... A glass of water would be nice..." [Right before dying.]

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