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SonicTale is an AU that consists of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise in a similar situation to Undertale.



Long ago, two groups ruled Mobius, HUMANS and HEROES.

One day, a fight broke out between them.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the heroes on Angel Island with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which soon after, split across the island after they were sealed.


The heroes tried to live peacefully amongst themselves, partaking to being friends to some more than others.

However, one hero didn't act like one at all. He instead pestered the other heroes, eventually finding a way to control time itself, so he could kill the others for good.

He controlled time as freely as he could, which started erasing some of the heroes' memories and noone noticed....

except for one.



Amy Rose takes the place of Frisk, and is the character controlled. She is very cheerful, but has her serious moments. Amy had been sealed on the island with everyone, but after Eggman started messing around with time, she noticed that some days were repeating, and she wondered why. After finding out it was Eggman, she found a sudden determination to stop his plan and get her friends' memories back, free them, and reunite with the humans peacefully.

She wields a giant hammer that she uses to destroy Badniks she may encounter around the island, although her weapon can change depending on items randomly found around areas. She also holds the Red Chaos Emerald.


Dr. Ivo Robotnik AKA Dr. Eggman takes the place of Flowey. He is an evil genius with an IQ of over 300. After being sealed on Angel Island with the rest of the heroes, he wanted to do as he had always done, and make life harder for everyone, as well as rule them since Sonic was already their leader, and Eggman despised him. Recently, he had gotten his hands on a power that allowed him to manipulate time. He used this to his advantage so he could always go back to defeat the heroes if he ever failed. However, Amy had noticed and went to stop him. Unfortunately, Eggman's time warping has erased the memories of Amy's friends, to his advantage. Yet, the Doctor still has a trick up his sleeve involving the 7 Chaos Emeralds, including the one Amy is holding....

He travels around the island using different machines he has built, such as a giant drill. He also created the badniks that roam around as defense so that his plans do not fail.


Cream the Rabbit takes the place of Napstablook. She used to be cheerful, cute, and a very polite person. When the island first got sealed, she and her Chao named Cheese were living perfectly fine and happy. However, Cheese mysteriously disappeared one day, leaving Cream sad, nervous, and uncertain for the future. She lives in Hydrocity Zone, with her mother Vanilla, but spends most of her time around her best friend Blaze in Sky Sanctuary, since her mother isn't usually around either. She still hopes that one day, Cheese will come back, and that things can be the way they used to.

Cream attacks using her ears, which she is able to use to fly around with, as well as her sadness, which is able to make Amy sad, and lower her defense. After having her memories erased, she doesn't remember Amy at all.


Blaze the Cat takes place of Toriel. She is a princess from another dimension, and is serious and not meant to be messed with, but Sonic and friends had helped her to open up a bit more. Way back when the island first got sealed, all the heroes agreed that Sonic and Blaze should lead them because of their teamwork in few previous adventures. Blaze and Sonic did live peacefully in Hidden Palace Zone for a while, but living with Sonic eventually tired her out, so she went her separate way to go live in Sky Sanctuary, leaving the lead duty to Sonic. Cream eventually started showing up and now often Blaze comforts her because of what happened to her and Cheese.

Blaze attacks using fire, and as a sort of doppelganger to Sonic, she has a high defense and attack. Due to her erasing of memories, Blaze is strict against Amy, and believes her to be a danger at first.


Silver the Hedgehog takes the place of Sans. He was a calm, confident, and gullible hedgehog, before he got sealed onto Angel Island with everyone. After this happened, Silver started to do less things, being driven into laziness because he knew Eggman was controlling time and that really, he could do nothing about it because of their limited space and situation. Shadow reluctantly decided to help do things for him, much to his discontent, and so they live in the Ice Cap together. However, Silver does still have his abilities within him if someone were to harm everyone on the island..

Silver is able to use his psychokinesis to attack you by flinging you all over the walls, as well as other attacks, such as paralysis, and cryokinesis. However, he doesn't use them very often. After having his memories erased, he doesn't remember Amy, but yet still shows a kind heart. Unless Amy decides to relentlessly kill all her previous friends....


Shadow the Hedgehog takes place of Papyrus. He's a artificial hedgehog made on the Space Colony ARK to help cure sickness, but instead now is a dark and mysterious person who doesn't accept anyone. When the island got sealed, Shadow wanted to get revenge on humankind for their "pitiful actions". He lived alone, angry most of the time, until Sonic noticed Silver's laziness and asked Shadow to help him. Shadow disagreed at first, but Sonic forced him as ruler to do so, as to prevent anyone from getting hurt. He currently lives with Silver at Ice Cap Zone, and he still doesn't like anyone too much. That is why Shadow set up puzzles around Ice Cap Zone, to keep more people away from him.

Shadow uses special "Chaos Powers", which are derived and based from the Chaos Emeralds' energy. Notable examples of attacks include Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, and Chaos Blast. After having his memories erased, he doesn't remember Amy, and acts very coldly to her.


Knuckles the Echidna takes place of Undyne. He is a very gullible, protective, and very hot-headed fighter who will do anything to protect the Master Emerald, as was his job since his birth. Knuckles was already on the island when everyone got sealed, so Knuckles' disturbance of peace angered him, but after hearing what happened, he decided to help gather and protect the Chaos Emeralds, as well as the Master Emerald with Sonic. Sonic told Knuckles he had the job for himself, much to Knux' discontent. Knuckles has since moved to Hydrocity Zone since Sonic decided to protect the Master Emerald for him.

Knuckles uses his fists with spikes as his method of attack, as well as his ability to glide. After having his memories wiped, he doesn't remember a thing about Amy, instead being his normal hot-head self when she confronts him.


Miles "Tails" Prower takes the role of Alphys. He's a young fox, with a knack for machines and an IQ almost equal to Dr. Eggman. He's Sonic's best friend and closest ally. When the island got sealed, Sonic had asked Tails to set up a new lab in Lava Reef Zone, in close proximity to Hidden Palace, in case he ever needed him. Tails wanted to take advantage of the situation, and decided to use the lab as a workshop, used for building machines that heroes on the island needed. Tails now lives there, in some seclusion, but occasionally going out to see his friends Sonic and Knuckles.

Tails is able to use his twin tails like a helicopter rotor and fly. He may also use some machines he's built. AFter Eggman wiped out everyone's memories of Amy, Tails now is almost unchanged, still happy to help Amy, but still unknowing of her.





Credit to the YouTube channel Lil Boulder for giving me the idea to start this.

Credit to Benalien for the idea of how to structure this page.

Credit to SEGA, Sonic Team, and Sonic Channel for providing the artwork of the characters.


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