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Credit to the creator of Undertale, Toby Fox, as this is an Undertale OC.


Soot is an extremely clever, funny, artistic, skilled, and piano-loving lynx. He can be very secretive and only tells a lot of things to Chasma. Even so, there are a lot of things he keeps to himself. He has a lot of humour and usually manages to make everyone (especially Chasma) laugh. He likes to be on the internet, but mostly plays the piano. He likes a lot of classical music/composers and owns a grand piano, and can be found in his piano room usually.


Soot lives in the same area as Chasma. He is the same age as Chasma, so it is assumed he fought in the war.
Chasma did not know Soot until after he became a skeleton, so not much is known about Soot.
However, Soot is secretly very powerful, one of the many things he keeps hidden from most people.


Soot wears mostly black/dark gray clothing, including a hoodie, shirt, and trousers. His fur is dark brown, but can look black. He has gray-turquoise eyes, one sometimes hidden by the hair over it. He wears a purple scarf that Chasma gave him after losing his black scarf. In his genocide form, Soot has shiny silver armour with sheet music notes on it. His hair is messed up to reveal an eye in complete shadow. Not an empty socket, but just somehow in total shadow. His other eye is an extremely bright turquoise with no pupil or whites. His other eye has a scratch-shaped scar over it.



  • Pretty much all of Chasma's friends
  • Chasma (boyfriend)


  • Unnamed family members


Genocide Stats

HP: 1500

AT: 30

DF: 30


  • Check
  • Insult (will not affect Soot that much, but will anger Chasma even more, causing his attacks to get faster).
  • Taunt (speeds up Soot and Chasma's attacks).



  • Letters for piano keys (e.g. F E F D E C D D) will appear on the screen, above some piano keys, and those keys will fall into the bullet board in the same order.
  • Sheet music notes/symbols will rain down towards the player's soul.
  • About 3 octaves of a piano will appear over the player's soul, and will be orange while some change to blue along to some letters for the keys (similar to the first attack).
  • Similar to Undyne the Undying's spear ring attack, musical symbols will surround the soul and attempt to go into it multiple times.


Soot cannot be spared, being only able to battle in the genocide route, but cannot be killed either. The player cannot plant any attacks on him as Chasma will block all of them until he dies. When Chasma is killed, Soot knows he cannot avenge Chasma as he is not as powerful as him, so leaves the battle.



"What did you do...?" [Encounter, genocide route] "You'll die for this. You killed my friends. You killed my family." [Encounter, genocide route, if the player did not attack for their first and second turn] "..." [Encounter, genocide route, until the player attacks] "Chasma..." [After Chasma is killed]

Flavour Text

You encounter Soot. [Encounter] Soot seems to play an invisible piano, then remember he is killing you. [Encounter] ... [Encounter] Soot and Chasma are here to stop you. [After Chasma joins the battle]


  • 90% of the things Soot does are related to pianos.
  • Soot's battle theme seems to be something he composed himself. When Chasma joins the battle, it is a mix of both their themes. Chasma can play the piano almost as good as Soot, too.
  • Soot is also a great artist.
  • Soot often pretends to not be attracted to Chasma at all.
  • Soot and Chasma are dating. Chasma loves Soot more than anything else, ever, but it is unknown if Soot feels exactly the same way about Chasma. He does love him, but no one knows to what extent.
  • Soot has a weak spot for marzipan. Chasma hates it, but can use it to his advantage.


Soot sprite

Soot's overworld sprite.

Soot battle

Soot's genocide form.

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