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It's not particularly known how exactly Sophia came to be. It is assumed a Fox ECloné (ECloné with Fox as a Subspecies) had found a female Agarif. Her parents cannot be identified, as it goes for most ECloné's parents. Sophia has been called an 'outcast', due to her not being a full Agarif, and is often looked at with wariness, if not when being chased due to her Ulder heritage.


Sophia is the first ECloné with Agarif as a subspecies. She's Omega Agarif / Ethiopian Fox, with a bright and friendly personality, but big and intimidating stature. With Fur on most her her upper body, with Scales on a majority of her arms, legs, and abdomen. Her eyes and mouth are reptilian, while she has a nice furry tail.


Sophia has a bulky appearance and intimidating stature, despite her very friendly nature. She wears ripped jeans and a biker jacket. She has long black hair that she keeps in a pony tail with two ears. Her scales are black and grey while her fur is a light brown and grey.


Sophia is as sly as a Fox, but has every other trait of an Omega Agarif. She's very easy to be friends with, however, she won't back down from a fight like Omega Agarifs normally would.


Georgie is the nickname of Sophia's Ulder. While Ulders are supposed to be male, something about being an ECloné has still managed to convert the Ulder by a long stretch. Georgie cannot do much aside from most common Under abilities. She mostly acts like a conscious for Sophia, being her eyes and ears when she is not required to be in control.

When in control, a symbol appears on Sophia's forehead, and her eye color changes to Green. She gains a buff in all her abilities.