"All of these beautiful sights in the Underground...and hardly no one stops to look at it. It's sad, when you reall-Ohmygod, Ithinkthey sawme-!"

Spindle is a spider monster that hides in hard-to-reach places in the Underground, observing people as inspiration for writing stories. Due to his fear of social interaction and to avoid being detected while observing, he tries his best to hide himself and a very select few know him on a personal level. He often lurks near the very roof of the Underground, around Waterfall and Hotlands.


Spindle is a slender being, that stands on two legs and carries things with 3 sets of arms. He's a tarantula, and is orange and black colored in his fur. He has about 7 eyes on his face, and two fangs that come out of his mouth that move whenever he speaks. His web sac is a large hunch on his back that can shoot out webs like a grappling hook, enabling him to climb precarious places.

He dresses sharply, often wearing a suit to blend into the background of wherever he is. A multitude of tools are at his disposal, such as a camera, several notebooks, a voice recorder, and most prominently, a binocular-like device called the Private Eye. Each of his feelers are wrapped in leather, like gloves, and adhesive strips on them allow Spindle to carry objects easier than he could without them.

Spindle talks with the typical shy-guy traits...stuttering, muttering, slurring, et cetera. His voice has a vague hint of British in it.


Spindle is a very fragile and delicate being. Having almost no experience with talking to anybody without the UnderNet, he constantly stutters and mutters out of a fear he's being judged by those who see him. In addition, while his intentions are usually good, he tends to be selfish and immoral, just so people might like him. He's somewhat aware of this, and alone, he's a great thinker that's smart and very introspective. He likes being in control of things and doesn't accept failure very well, often leading to bouts of self-deprecation and depressive thoughts. Overall, he is a very insecure hermit who has the capability of being confident and powerful, but holds himself back around others due to an inferiority complex that's probably bigger than all of the Underground.

Main Story

Spindle was never an interesting figure in his family: since his mother and father hatched so many kids in such a short time, he was living in the shadows of his more successful siblings. He grew up living a solitary lifestyle, limiting any social contact to anonymous accounts on the UnderNet. He grew with a fascination of the noire films of the Surface; tales of spies, seduction, subterfuge, and methodically planning to do the impossible. As a result, he got into acts like theft (mostly from his family) and counterfeiting, while balancing himself out by randomly paying struggling monsters or running an information service. 

Everything was going great, and soon, he gained a bit of a following for being a Robin Hood-esque monster. The fame was generally more along the lines of infamy, though, as the Royal Guard has a high price for bringing him in. One fateful day, though, his business would change and he would become finding the Private Eye. Equipped with a sensitive microphone, a high-powered binocular, a dart launcher, and many other useful applications, Spindle had found something straight out of one of his many action films. Using this, he set out to find inspiration for stories so that he could be a film director one day...albeit, he did his research from afar. In addition, while he did never care for the turmoil between humans and monsters, he set some traps up and monitors them occasionally, that way, he will be praised as the true hero of the Underground.



Spindle hardly has any due to his antisocial behavior. However, thanks to the UnderNet, he has a nice bond with Alphys, another fellow recluse. They occasionally talk about movies and anime on a review site.


  • Lindsay- Admires from a distance. Never met.
  • Muffet- Bought some pastries from her anonymously. Respects her attempt to help spiders.


  • Undyne- Sees her as overrated and an obstacle to his success.
  • Red Lightning- A frequent thorn in his side because of the bounty on his head.


  • +Excellent at long range with his Private Eye weapon.
  • -Almost useless in any other form of combat. Best suited for support.
  • +Can easily access unreachable areas of the Underground.


-Spindle doesn't have a fight, but you can occasionally see his silhouette when exploring the CORE. He usually only shows up on a wall or in a secret room for about a second before leaping away, like Flowey does at the beginning of the game. A Pacifist route will increase your chances of seeing him, as he'll take more of an intrest in you.

-Like Muffet, Spindle has a purple soul of preservation, and does utilitize spiders to ward off intruders. He takes care of some he finds hiding around the crevasses of the Underground, so that he doesn't get lonely on his outings. These spiders are Spindle's kind that grow up to be vaguely humanoid, though...just regular spiders.

-He'll occassionally leave a letter somewhere in Snowdin or the CORE, asking for the reader to buy them something from a random shop and enclosing some money to pay for it. This is so he could get some things that he couldn't normally order he knows if they just run off with it? He watches them with the Eye while the process hardly ever works, however.

-The bounty on him is wroth $10,000.


This character belongs to Senior Agent Z, A.K.A ManinBlack007JK. Don't be a dummy and use his characters without consent. We can and will hunt you down, and we will ram a fist down your stomach, and break your spine. ~The Organization

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