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 Main Story

After being freed from the Underground, the monsters thought they finally get a peaceful life, with no interruptions. Until they get drawn into a mansion near the entrance of the mountain. One by one, they turn prey and predator, the weak ripped into shreds and used as prized possessions and hung on walls as their ability to turn to dust is taken away by a spell cast onto the mansion by mages of the old. keeping them as bodies, the "strong" turned into inhabitants, brainwashed to kill whoever enters or take in to be one of them.

Inhabitants have an obsession to kill, brutally, to mangle body parts and turn them into statues and the such, possessed as dry blood/whatever is splattered against them, they have no mercy.

Victims wander into the mansion mindlessly, attempting to escape the inhabitants of the blood filled mansion, bodies distorted everywhere around them as they are trapped in dungeons rotting of smell of bodies fills their cells as they watch their fellow victims killed.

This is 𝔖𝔭𝔩𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔗𝔞𝔩𝔢


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Locations in the Mansion

Dungeons/Basement - Where the caught victims are "stored".

Cryogenic Chamber - This is where spare body parts are kept for future use.

Haunted Library - Contains extensive knowledge and hides secrets. Inhabitant: Mersmis

Graveyard - It is what it is. Inhabitant: None

Forbidden Corridors - A maze of corridors, hallways, entries, doors, trapdoors and stairways.

Doll Room - A room filled with Victorian dolls stuffed with ground bodies. Inhabitant: None

Sweater Closet - A walk-in closet with countless sweaters strewn on the floor and hung on the walls. Inhabitants: The Edgey Sisters

Dining Room - A long table with "delicious" food and "refreshing" drinks. Inhabitant: Corrupted Lennies

"Living" Room - A cozy couch and a fireplace and filled with "statues" and "paintings".

Kitchen - Drawers and cupboards filled with butcher knives and the sort. This is where the "food" is stored. Inhabitant: Chronochrome, The Reaper

Bedrooms - There are several of these, if you would like one added to the mansion for your OC, comment it.

  • Master Bedroom - Inhabitant: Lilith, the Mistress, Maron
  • Servant's Quarters - a large bedroom, connected to the master bedroom Inhabitant: Slade

Bell Tower Lab - Many wires run to the top of the tower, tying themselves to the bell clapper, he inside of the lab has a gas chamber, a small empty room that looks like a jail cell, and many trapdoors

Canon Characters


Original Characters


The Landlord - The owner of the mansion and the one who is causing everything going on inside. He appears to be a ghoul-like demonic creature, wearing a fancy suit, a floating top hat and a monocle.

Mersmis, the Forgotten - A ghostly capricorn monster who owns the Haunted Library. He keeps the seekers of knowledge at bay, and traps their SOULs within.

The Edgey Sisters (Naifu, Espada and Knife) - The three sisters reside in the sweater closet, where they "dress-up" their victims in sweaters before killing them.

Corrupted Lennies - These Lennies are all black with bright white eyes and a mouth. They inhabit the dining room where they serve their "food". They force their victim to eat all their food until they're too full to move, and tear them into pieces after they lose energy.

Lilith, The Mistress - A succubus who owns the master bedroom. It is unknown how she kills her victims but rumor has it that she "torture" them until they are dead.

Maron - They are Lilith's Assistant, but are more of a servant, they see Lilith as their Mistress but does not do what told all of the time. They play with the fresh dead corpses and sets up the new victim, ready for torture.

Chronochrome, The Reaper - Sometimes called "The Cloaked Plague", the Reaper waits in the kitchen, his scythe at the ready. He kills and cooks, slices and dices, and is known for chasing victims relentlessly.

Slade -Piano music is often heard, and crying over the music, it is rumoured he beats them until they are in excrutiating pain, then leaves them to die

Nigma - Buzzing and Glowing escapes from the room, and he has been foretold that he kills his victims using electricity, poisonous gasses, and falls from great heights, finding their worst fear, then have them die by it 

Riley - Having been killed by one of the many monsters in the mansion, Riley was turned into a ghost. His appearance is usually triggered by opening his old book Watership Down, which is somewhere in the mansion. He has unusual amounts of paranormal power, being able to bring many of Watership Down's characters to life. He has all intentions to kill anyone that he sees, seeing himself as the "Predator of the Thousand Enemies" now. 


Paige - She was drawn into the mansion regardless of being human, currently hiding.

Paz - Paz entered the mansion after seeing Slade enter, despite being told to stay behind.

Lil - Ran after Paz to try and stop her from being hurt, eventually became lost herself, and searches the bedrooms for defense

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