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Splenda is a shape shifter, but not just any shape shifter, a "Rooster" Shake shifter, They can touch someone and take their form and voice, but for a short time, and when that time is up, they go back to their Original form, A rooster. They Trick people to give them information so they can frame people. In all of their forms, they are bad at close combat, but use of any ranged weapons would work best for them, but in their rooster form they can't hold weapons, so they must always go into someone else's form to use a weapon. Their Defense is lacking in their rooster form, but unlike their attacking skills, it goes up in other forms depending on the size and stuff.

Splenda has many forms, besides they have to touch people, they can make up their own forms, problem, they have to make assumptions in case they haven't got a good look of the body, and the voice is harder since they have to do their best to completely master it. They have a form of a piece of bread, a toast, A toaster, a block of sugar, and what ever you can think of.



  • N/A


  • None only partners


  • Current Members of the Condiment Crew


  • N/A



  • You Hear Sounds Of Rooster in your way, but all you see is a piece of bread.
  • "Bread Noises"

Flavor Text

* A piece of bread... Or is it? [Check]

* Wait... THAT'S NO BREAD, IT'S A ROOSTER... OR IS IT. [Checking for the second time]

* "And i would of gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you damn kids getting in my way, i have a job" [Checking Twice]


  • Originally made by SplazinBear, given to current owners.

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