(Dis article wuz written bai Vinneh, pls dun touch)

Sriracha is a Temmie arsonist that roams the land, looking to burn unsuspecting victims. He is currently working for the Condiment Crew.


Sriracha looks and is dressed like a normal Temmie, you know, white fur, blue shirt. But the thing is, he's covered in ash, making them actually look dark gray-ish. Still, he twitches and acts just like a normal Temmie. When Sriracha's being serious, he puts on his gas mask. His eyes go from derpy ones to ones full of malice and intelligence.


Of course, Sriracha has the mentality of your average insane arsonist: he just wants to see the world burn. To add to that, he's fully intelligent, unlike the other Temmies. In fact, this intelligence is what frustrates him about the Temmies, as he wants them to be able to think like him. And also love the fires, too.

This mentality doesn't allow him to harm other Temmies. He pities them greatly, and is not hesitant to burn someone abusing them. When it comes to burning anything else, Sriracha has no mercy. Whether his victims be babies, children, whatever, he won't hesitate.


The reasons behind Sriracha's pyromania are unknown, but some say it was the result of a ritual, which involved him being dropped into a pit of fire and surviving. Others say he just saw the beauty of a flame and was obsessed. And of course, a small few say he was simply just dropped on the head. No matter the backstory, it won't change the fact that today, he's an arsonist with no mercy.


HP - 5 (+1 per turn w/ Temmie Armor)

ATK - 22 (+10 w/ Temmie Armor)

DEF - -20 (+30 w/ Temmie Armor & Mask)

Temmies are incredibly weak anyways, and sadly Sriracha is victim to this natural weakness. However, he compensates with gear crafted by his kind, such as the Temmie Armor. His intelligence alone increased his power, apparently.



  • Concept created by Vinneh's brother.
  • Proud member of the Condiment Crew.

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