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Stardust is a robot that tries to prove to monsters that Stars are alive.


Stardust has the exact shape of Mettaton but with different arms and legs. She also wears glasses on her screen.

Stardust has a more galaxy color and she can also show pictures on her screen.


Stardust is inspired to prove that stars have a life. She does get proven wrong a lot from people who don't believe her. She still continues this path she has chosen. She is also ambitous about her discoveries and theories.



  • There are 3 ways to spare Stardust during a battle
    • The first way is giving Stardust a Starfait, this makes Stardust want to leave the battle so she can examine the item.
    • The second way is using the ask ACT six times to spare Stardust. This lets the protagonist ask about stars
    • The third way is just fleeing the first battle. You cannot flee after the other 2 battle


  • "I will prove one day that stars are alive!"
  • "Then, everyone will notice the true beauty in them."
  • "I WILL BE THE ONE TO PROVE LIFE IN STARS!" [Stardust pulls off her glasses and shows a turning star on her screen]


  • "Stars are also a weapon I use in battle!"
  • "Though they are magic.."
  • "Human, stars can be alive even if magic!"


  • Her user on the Undernet is AliveStar101
  • Stardust uses magic to create her own stars
    • She also does this during battle.

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