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Step is a vile Lava Monster who looms in the deep lava pits of Hotland, spreading an ominous message about an elusive leader named Long John Silver and generally rubbing people up the wrong way. He's incredibly mysterious, appearing both to possess well-developed social skills, but at the same time being randomly aggressive and even malicious towards those who communicate with him.

Phase 1 Theme:

Phase 2 Theme:

Locations and Role

Step will exclusively appear in Hotland, as he lives and breathes in the lava. Thusly, he cannot be found on any other level than the ground level. While Step will usually lurk in the background, he may, at random intervals, pop up to say a random snarky or unrelated remark, or in some rare cases begin an entire conversation, though he is known to end them randomly as well.

If he feels challenged by his conversational partner (if they for instance insult him or claim to have dominance over him), he has a tendency to engage in a battle with said person. He now aims to destroy his rival, so that his power is apparent. If defeated (and not killed), he will gain a reluctant respect for the person who bested him.

Stats and ACTs


  • HP: 25
  • AT: 10
  • DF: 20
  • EXP on Kill: 20
  • Gold on Win: 15


  • Fear
  • Patronise
  • Discuss vintage media with

Quotes (WIP)


"Hey you. Can we talk? Cause I have something about my life I wanna share." - [Intro]

  • "Aha, this is great -- I don't care about you, but I completely care about sustaining my image, and so I can vent to you about things I'd never mention to others!" - [If picked Yes]
  • "Stuff you, I'm gonna tell it anyways." - [If picked No]

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