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Stork, who's actual name is Storm, is an ebisus monster standing between 5'10" and 6'9". He has a dolphin-like, but more long and pointed tail with spines running from the top of his head to the tip of it. His eyes are a brilliantly bright green, and have thin, slitted pupils most of the time. His soft tissue, including lips and webbing, is dark to the point of almost being black, but will show as blue if enough light is present.

Stork has the rare trait in ebisi of having "double spines" running from his head to his tail tip. These spines can be compared to bicuspid teeth, as opposed to most spines which would be compared to canines.

Stork's adult scales are on the darkest and bluest end of the jade spectrum. He spends most of his time in these colors, with all of his bones fully expanded.

His child scales never changed much from his infant scales, turning only a shade greener. Only very rarely does Stork show these colors, but they usually come out when he is overheating or experiencing a rush of emotions. Since these scales are much lighter than his adult set, he appears to blush white instead of red.

Stork's outfit usually consists of a black leather jacket, open to reveal a plain colored shirt; a pair of worn jeans, which wear out quite a lot faster than most jeans because of his sharp scales; and a couple of rings and bracelets, proof of former allegiance to some friends he no longer has, but he liked the rings so he kept them.

When he needs to return to the water, stork doesn't wear clothes. He hates being weighed down by wet fabric even more than he hates not appearing cool.


Stork is an aloof yet laid back individual; a cool-cat, if you will. Most of his time he spends hanging around dark corners or in empty rivers. While he never purposefully seeks out social interaction, he's never afraid of it, and will talk to anyone who talks to him. This attitude also extends to fighting, despite the fact that he is not the most capable fighter in the world.

Once you get past Stork's mildly edgy exterior, he's more of an oddball than anything else. He has a fascination for making things, and has a collection of crafts and materials in his home. While he has had interests and projects in many artistic fields, a constant in his crafting life has always been wicker weaving. He has made everything from hats to figurines to furniture with it.


Stork was born and raised in Waterfall by his mother, and his mother alone. She never spoke about his father, and whenever he asked she told him that he didn't need one because she was strong enough to be both parents, and he wouldn't press any further.

Other than the lack of a father figure, Stork's life was fairly regular and unremarkable growing up. When he was an adult, he left his mother's cave and moved to Snowdin. He had never really grown out of his teenage rebellious phase, and moving out on his own only brought that to the forefront of his outward personality.

He participated in small crimes for about the first year of his life on his own, but eventually grew tired of that, and decided to simply stand in dark alleys and look intimidating, but not actually do anything.

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