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Stycal is some sort of monster that understands virtually nothing about relationships; making her awkward at times. She seeks fun almost constantly, getting somewhat easily bored. Her ability to fight revolves around using her body as a weapon and whatnot.


Head: Her head is wide enough to reach the start of the shoulders but the length isn't too much more than a human's. She has a small muzzle/snout filled with sharp yet human-like teeth and three pairs of canines. In her mouth is long and somewhat dexterous albeit covered with large taste-buds even on the sides and bottom. She has a 5 fairly dark grey horns horns. Two extend from the cheeks, angled to go just below where human ears would be, extending for 0.1m. The other three horns originate from the forehead, two curving around the sides of the head before angling away from one-another as the points start to curve inwards, stopping after 0.1m. The 5th horn starts at the same place as the pair on the forehead but goes straight backwards, sloping off of her head before extending off for 0.2m. These horns have a rather rocky texture. Excluding around the mouth, eyes, cheeks or under the head in general is numerous rocky protrusions in a darker blue than the skin (all roughly flat-ish pyramid shaped). These protrusions also function as a replacement for her hair (which she lacks), covering the whole back of the head and neck excluding where the horns are in the way. Her eyes are a solid light grey with no pupils.

Torso: Her torso is rather stockily built albeit lacking much as far as visible muscles go. Her chest has nipple-less C cup breasts. Most of the front of the torso (including the crotch) is a lighter shade of blue-grey compared to the back which is the same shade as the horns atop her head. The lighter areas are softer and smoother but the darker areas are covered in a rough, strong skin (albeit all of it is fairly thick). Her back is covered in the same pyramid shaped plates found on her forehead although many are notably larger.

Arms: The arms are slightly longer than human length but with the elbows slightly higher up. The forearms are much larger than those of humans, reaching the same with of the hands. Said hands reach 2/3rds the width of her torso. Each hand has three fingers and a thumb that are all capped with a dangerously sharp claw. The underside of the forearms and the palm of the hand are the lighter shade of blue-grey (like the belly of the torso) whilst the rest of the length of the arms (including the knuckles) are the rougher, darker blue-grey (like the back of the torso). The rocky armour on the backs of the arms and whatnot are somewhat longer than normal, making them more akin to spikes.

Legs: The legs have thick, powerful thighs with the lighter colour along the inner thigh. The rock-like armour can be found on the left and right sides of the thighs, connecting to the armour on her back. The area of the leg below the knee is slightly less bulky than the thighs. The feet are fairly long however, ending in three wide toes and large claws. The feet are large enough that little more than the toes are needed to quite comfortably walk/stand. The heel has a single large and sharp armour plate under it and the entire underside of the foot is abnormally dark and rough.

Tail: The tail is long and fairly reptilian, with more width than depth. The underside and back of the tail has skin properties like those of the belly and back of the torso respectively. Running along the back of the tail is rows of 5 rocky spikes like those of the back of her forearms. The tail is capped with a large, rock-hard ball with numerous, rocky spikes.

Blood Colour: Green-ish aquamarine.

Internal Flesh Colour: Grey.




Things that she deems fun.


Being bored.



Romantic Partners





She has excellent speed and agility combined with her very strong hide (and even hazardous with some of the armoured areas, enough to damage sharp weapons) and brutish physique. Overall it makes up for her lack of ranged options or much magic with the simple ability to do rather high damage to targets with punches, kicks and her vicious tail.

A mild regeneration combined with a magic barrier over her that can weaken but not stop hits directed towards her only serves to make her even more difficult to take down. The magic barrier is especially good at nullifying debuffs.

Her only offence as far as magic goes is her ability to drastically ramp up her strength and weight of specific parts of her body to give much greater force behind punches or the likes. If done on her entire body, this will make her a much more dangerous foe with her highly durable natural armour and very strong physical attacks. Speed is also increased. Using this on her entire body however is highly draining due to a lack of training with it.


Basically just her fists and whatnot.


She's not the most tactical, more the type to just use her sheer strength to overpower an opponent.

Soul Mode




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