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Suetale is an alternate universe (AU). Fair warning, this page does have sexual themes because...they're mary sues, what would you expect?

Basic Concept

Basically, your characters all become mary sues. What if your character is a mary sue? They become a well balanced, likeable, overall stable character. It is the job of the stable characters to keep the timeline from falling into chaos because...well, come on. Everyone's gonna start whining over how they can't kill anyone.

Main Story

Long ago, two creatures lived on the surface in harmony. Their names were Human and Monster.

They were the only ones. Their lives were meaningless. Until Monster found something to do.

They created. They created a universe around themselves, creating meaningful characters and rich storylines...however, not everything could be peaceful.

One day, something changed within Monster...something that nobody could describe...

Human and Monster began to fight. Monster's creations were too powerful, something that Human despised...but Human had something Monster didn't.


Using this amazing power, the balanced characters of Human sealed the creations of Monster under an unmoving cloud of fog and a magical barrier with the only overpowered trait they would allow themselves...

The few creations of Monster that still have their wits about them defeated Monster while they were weak, but it is said that Monster's soul still lives on...tempting any wanderers with the prospect of eternal power...

In the year 20XX, a young human will be led astray into a cloud of fog...and they will fall into the Underground, a hellish nightmare of any good storyteller. Will the sues murder them and escape the Underground? Will they defend themselves with logic and reasoning and escape by themselves? Will they let the balanced characters help them through? Who knows.

Settings and Locations


Space Robot Wereneko Village - The home of the space robot werenekos, it is a secret room in the [waterfall placeholder]



Chara - Chara was abused by their parents, so they ran off into the fog. Something happened to them in that fog. They became an evil, despicable creature that was 'unkillable' like the rest of the characters in the underground. Their attacks cannot be dodged and they can control minds. However this is their weakness too because I said so. They are still adorable, and they can use this to their advantage to make people do what they want.

Frisk - Frisk is a child that was led astray by a voice that said they'd help them...Now they must make their way through the Underground and back home without giving in to the temptation to become one like the monsters. They are flawed. They are human.

Toriel - Toriel is a tall, busty goat woman. She is extremely beautiful, so much so that nobody can tear their eyes away from her. Despite this she remains extremely modest and takes care of everyone no matter who they are. She is the best at baking and her foods automatically become everyone's favorite even if she messes up.

Sans - sans seems lazy but he actually has secret superpower that he rarely shows and he cannot be killed. he's secretly super hot and can dodge any attack and he knows everything about everyone and he is a sex god.

Papyrus - Papyrus is the purest being in the underground and everyone loves him and even though he can't hurt you the instant anyone hurts him his brother Sans teleports to you and instakills you rip in peace.

Undyne - Undyne is a teenage girl that is secretly part animal and has amazing spear throwing skills. When you try to kill her she turns into her true sea creature form and destroys you with her sacred bubble of the crystal fish. Her attacks can't be dodged.

Alphys - Alphys in this universe knows all the gadgets and can stop you definitely. She is smart as heck and quiet but also loud but also an extrovert but also shy. She is very clumsy and trips over everything but can still kick your butt! She also nya. Nya~!!!!!~``~~`~~~```!

Mettaton - Mettataton is the sexiest robot in the underground and is a trans girl boy demineko buttkin dragonkin wolfkin robotkin #blessed. (W.I.P.)

Asgore - Asgore can murder you in one hit with no miss at all but is still a completely innocent teddy bear of a goat. His cape is bigger than his throne room because bigger cape = better, and everyone hates him :'( (but he's still the king because it's apparently impossible to overthrow him).

So Sorry - So Sorry is a half-god half-fox half-dragon whose stone can blind people.

OC Characters

Marianne Suellentrop - Marianne is a human girl armed with no powers at all and a pistol. She tries to help protect any humans that go through the underground from submitting to the power of the sues. (Urban can edit this area if he wants.)


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