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Sugar is a former member of the Condiment Crew and is a pixie monster wandering the Underground in an attempt to clear her name from the Royal Guard's wanted list. She cannot harm anyone directly but has a plethora of supportive spells to assist others.


Sugar is absolutely tiny and would safely fit into the palm of most people's hands. Since she's a pixie, she obviously looks rather humanoid, barring her size and her wings of course. Her favourite colour is blue and this shows clearly from the way she dresses. Her eyes are turquoise and her hair is cyan and goes down to her shoulders, she never bothers to style it because no one even notices it anyway. She only ever wears dresses because they're the only clothing made in her size, and she has a large collection of blue ones (and some red ones too).

She has a large pair of wings on her back which, too, are blue and also slightly transparent. Perhaps this is fitting, since she spends the majority of her time flying to people's eye level. Sugar wears blue shoes. What did you even expect? Orange?


Sugar has a childish sense of innocence and naivety. She loves everyone and everything in the world and can't bring herself to harm them. Her former position of Charismatic Officer in the Condiment Crew worked off of this, letting her use her Support magic to help her comrades rather than fight with them against other Monsters. Anyway, she's an awfully sweet person and compliments people whenever she can. She also enjoys sitting on people's shoulders and whispering things into their ears, whether it be complimenting them or giving them crucial information.

Though she's not liked by too many people, Sugar is incredibly loyal to those that trust her. This was shown during her time in the Crew, where she followed every order given to her by Mayonnaise, even those that went against her better judgement (Such as spying on other members to eventually find out of a certain ladybug's betrayal, for example). She is well aware of the differences between right and wrong and always tries her best to be on the side of the "good guys".

Sadly, the little pixie is prone to being intimidated by "scary" monsters and this intimidation can lead her to doing things she most certainly does not want to do. This played a large part in the reason she stayed with her family and the Condiment Crew for so long - She was so scared that the biggest and baddest members would come hunting for her that she decided against leaving at all.


Sugar, like any other pixie, was born into a very large family. In Sugar's case, this was the Rainbowfuzz family (Distantly related to the Sparkledust family). Though other pixies were tricksters, Sugar never felt the same enjoyment they did from pranking people. In fact, she resented it. However, she did not want to be seen as different to her siblings and parents, so she still played tricks on various monsters from a young age in an attempt to fit in, but she almost never succeeded in them. She wasn't nearly as skilled at pranking as everyone else in her family.

She left her family when she just couldn't take it anymore. She was far too nice to hurt anyone else, and she resented her family for enjoying to do so. It was round about this time she found an entire group of misfits, and she was eligble to join! This group was the Condiment Crew, a place for people like her! Though they did almost the same things as her family did, they were far nicer people to her and even offered her a place to stay inside their base in Waterfall. They were such a nice organization!

Though they were nice, Sugar could still not bring herself to do any wrong for the Crew. They best she could stomach was supporting the other members on missions but even at that she was morally confused with the situation. She was seen as basically useless by most members, but she changed their opinion when she revealed a certain ladybug's betrayal to Mayonnaise. She was kept in the Crew for a tad longer after that but was eventually replaced with Sweet and kicked out.

Sugar wanders the Underground with little aim these days. Her goal is to eventually become friends with everyone, and change the ways of the Rainbowfuzz family along with the members of the Condiment Crew. She can often be found in places where either of the two groups have been before - Trying to fix any sort of problems they may have caused. 


With nowhere else to go, Sugar returned to the Rainbowfuzz family against her own judgement. Following the release of the Monsters from their entrapment in Mt Ebott, Sugar and her family disappeared without a trace, never to be seen again.


HP - 50

ATK - 1.5

DEF - 1

This little pixie isn't suited for direct combat. As expected, one can easily swat her out of the sky or even crush her with just their hand. You shouldn't, though, she's far too cute to be killed!


  • Though her full name is Sugar Caramel Rainbowfuzz, she does not consider herself to be part of the Rainbowfuzz family and prefers to just be called Sugar.
  • She once tried for a position in the Royal Guard following in the footsteps of Ketchup, but decided against it as it would only cause more hatred for her in the Condiment Crew.

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