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In SUPERTALE, everyone is either a villain or hero, created by a malfunction in the CORE, creating a rip between fantasy and the Underground! While not everyone was affected, it left some powerless, and weak. So those strengthened by the blast took up the opportunity to help.....or attack. Snowdin is left in utter chaos and a haven for criminals, riots constantly happening. Waterfall has become the frontline for the battle between criminals and heroes, the caves covered in graffiti from past villains and henchmen. Hotland is mostly under control, but still is known to have occasional attacks and riots.

Original Characters

Slade - Slade takes up the role of The Great Saiyaman, although keeping his comedic role as usual, his intellect is greatly increased, and has sworn off being a hero as soon as he can find Paz, who was kidnapped during the chaos of the CORE malfunctioning.

Lil - Lil become the Underground Poion Ivy, caring more for plants than for humans or monsters themselves, she separates herself from her friends, living in a small cave in Waterfall, surrounded by her plants

Forias - Forias is the Underground's version of Loki, she still maintains her Aljoreta as minions and she is the sister to whoever Thor is.

Needleteeth - Needleteeth is cyborg, he receives a infrared eye, and also becomes more humorous, but can be serious when the job needs to get done

Terra - Terra is Terra Branford, Terra becomes more innocent, gentle and has a lot more conviction and justice inside her but due to can't control her power sometimes, she wrecks havoc on the Underground.

Gavin - Gavin is the Underground Deadpool. He seems to be talking to noone all the time, he also loves to do anything random at any time at all. The only difference is that he uses bats instead of kitanas.

Bryson - Bryson is the Underground's version of Magneto. His ability of psychokinesis is replaced by magnetism. He looses the ability of pyrokinesis. He constantly wears metal clothing as to give himself reudamentary flight. Bryson's much more serious than normal.

Thera- The blast gave her the ability to manipulate her body in both size and shape, though there are limitations to the size she can become.

Zabetar Sayar- the blast caused Zabetar to gain incredible speed. He can't use this in conjunction with his geokinesis or flight, as his speed requires a lot of concentration.

[REDACTED TITLE] - REDACTED TITLE is a super villain, who lives in some caves underneath Snowdin. The blast gave him even more strength, as well as swiftness. The blast somehow teleported him underground, and now he waits there, for the perfect opportunity to break free.

Owl boy: The blast gave Worcestershire's feathers the ability to regenerate quickly, and detatch from his skin. They are razor sharp, cutting away at anything it passes through. He works a a villain of sorts. He does evil things, but isn't working for the destruction of the underground.

Emily/Ulder - The blast strengthened Emily's stats and attacks, but is always as helpful as she can be, even doing normal tasks if she's not fighting a villian. However, Ulder is more of a corrupted hero, doing the mission at nearly any cost.

X-0B - The blast didn't effect him physically, although it corroded the circuits allowing his free will, as a result, he becomes an anti-hero, often freezing his enemies in place, few know the crazed "Blind Justice" is actually X-0B, as he hides his identity using a large scarf and and tinted safety goggles to conceal his face

??? - Nobody has a name for this mysterious figure, although they are said to be able to have very limited mind control, only controlling those in a vulnerable mental state, such as children or those insane and emotionally unstable

Unidentified Child - This child is known to accompany ???, almost never talking, when they do talk it can be assumed they are female, and around the age of 13, through searching, Slade has discovered the child is not related to ???, but that they are a monster

Achilles- The blast caused him to have the ability to summon weapons anytime, anywhere, though there sometimes are cooldowns, and he would be unable to use more magic. He doesn't identify as a villain nor a hero, but somewhere along the grey line.

Luryoir- Her voice was manipulated so that she could create loud, high pitched noises that could pierce steel and crush stone, but not when her voice is hoarse, and when she is tired. She is not very brave, and tends to run away when hurt.

Defense Revenge - Defense was given increased physical ability while his sword became enchanted to cut through anything. He also seems to have instantly learned most forms of street fighting, boxing, and martial arts. He hasn't really taken the role of a normal hero, per se, as he feels like it's not his place to randomly cause trouble with anyone, no matter what side they take, but he will often assist friends of his. He will mostly hang around Grillby's, which he defends now more than anything. If he is not at Grillby's, he is usually seen with Slade or Gavin, reluctantly helping out..


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Batman Arkham City -This ain't no place for a Hero- Music video

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Panic! At The Disco- Mercenary (LYRIC VIDEO)

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