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Super 8 is a small digital camera, with his only eye being his camera lens. He has forged a relationship with many monsters, but the only good relationships he has forged being with 3 monsters. He is a brown, polished wood camera, with stainless steel reinforced edges. He has two LED lights next to his lens, notifying you when he's off or on. When he's on, he's usually quiet, but if you strike up a conversation, he'll gladly continue and even continue the conversation to the point where you start to get a headache.

When he's off, he's basically sleeping. There's really nothing to it. His age is currently unknown, and his robotic, firm voice prevents anyone from actually knowing how old he is. He bleeds white blood, similar to Ash, the android, in the iconic 1979 film Alien. Despite his robotic personality, he can get set off very easily. Now, don't be fooled by his aggressive nature, in reality he's harmless, and small enough so you can step on him. His closest friend is Minkfi Yawa. He's been friends with her ever since he was made. His creator is unknown.


Super 8 has a fairly short history. He knew someone invented him, however he only gained control of himself once he was detached from his wires. As soon as his creator took off those wires, Super 8 dove for the vent. The creator's own reflexes weren't as fast as the little camera. Super 8 took off through the vents, and climbed out the radiator. This was the first time he'd seen sunlight, however it wasn't as warm as he imagined. The ground was covered in snow. He took one step and regret he'd even escaped in the first place.

The first thing Super 8 held in his life was that $5 dollar bill he'd found buried in the snow. He picked it up, and continued tunneling through the snow 2 times larger than him. He spent 2 nights sleeping down in the sewer pipe; where it was warm. One day he was walking down the pathway, and he saw a small cat-mink playing a guitar. This was the first time Super 8 had ever heard something so beautiful, so he went up to that cat-mink and gave her his only possession; the crumpled $5 dollar bill he found in the snow. Ever since then, Minkfi and Super 8 have been inseparable. (the cat-mink is Minkfi, for all you new peeps)


  • Minkfi Yawa: his best friend. They're inseparable.
  • Pachiratsu: Super 8 met him while walking through the RUINs.
  • Haidao: They met while Haidao was running away from Undyne.
  • His creator: He made Super 8.


HP: 15

ATK: 40

DEF: 0


Check, Step on, Cheer up, Play sad song on the world's smallest violin.


  • Puppet: This allows Super 8 to puppet your soul for a short period of time. This attack can be rendered useless by eating a Butterscotch Pie.
  • Shock: He shocks you. This does nothing to your HP, however; it lowers your defense.
  • Blind: He can snap a photo with his flash on: which blinds you, and you can't see what move he makes next. However; this move is useless, as all his attacks are pretty pathetic.
  • Glare: He just glares at you. That's it.


  • Super 8's name was based on the actual film Super 8.
  • Super 8 was originally supposed to have 2 eyes on each side of him.
  • This page was made in December 2015, however it wasn't updated until now.
  • Super 8 was originally supposed to be the 4th cousin to Napstablook, Mad Dummy, and Mettaton.
  • Super 8 was originally based off of Mad Dummy.
  • Super 8's new sprite is much different than his 2 previous sprites; which you can find digging through the wiki images. They're floating around somewhere.
  • You can even find Super 8's beta overworld sprite in the wiki images.

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