this character is so original that in the end of the page you will be amazed

the character

his name is michale johanchild robertdaughter

he's 55 years old but looks like he's a newborn baby

he has the capability to erase the world anytime he wants to

he's also very smart he can basically answer you any question except for the result of 1 + 1


as i already said he looks like a newborn baby

also his hair is brown and his eyes are as blue as the sea (damn hes hot)

he's white

super powers

he is so powerful that even the super power rangers have bowed to this man

he can kill anything and anyone with only the power of his mind

he can summon infinite ice cream

he is also immortal and cannot be injured

oh and he can sing so good that it heals everyone who hears it

he has full control over all of Steam's summer sales

he can control the minds of anyone he wants to

he can dodge bullets and bend them with the power of his thought


this man lived through 55 years of tough and intense war, ending over 23 thousand lives in just one day (but dont worry they were all bad guys) he helped his people raise in power so much that he was declared president when he was 3 years old

he is also secretly related to the illuminati but no one is supposed to know that shshshshsh

when he was 25 years old he was declared an official follower of harambe even though harambe didn't exist by then (he predicted that harambe would come to life and was then nominated)


hp -

atk - ∞

df - ∞

weapon: ben 10's watch (+6969696969696969 atk)

armor: gabe's sweet chocolate bar (+9999999999999999999 df)

family and stuff

he has no parents becuz they were killed when he was 1 (sad story) but he has 2 brothers named sans and papyrus but he never met them because they were sent to the underground lol

he is friends with everyone in the world even with donald trump and that girl you know who lives next to you

he is secretly in love with aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA who is a very nice and kind girl

he has no enemies besides the bad guys >:c

the end of the page

ok so here is where you're supposed to be amazed because I said in the start that you would be amazed

didn't I tell you that this was a super original character in the title

tell me what you think in the comments friendos

oh and if you're wondering why this page is so well made it's because it was made by mike

fanart and soundtracks are appreciated <3


This is a Joke Character made by User: Mike (Abstract).

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