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The Royal Guard are not the only ones seeking justice in the saddened place that is the Underground, far from it. There are many mercenaries who, for some reason or another, do not join the Guard. Susanetie is one of said mercenaries, and perhaps both the wisest and most powerful of them all.


Though battered with time, Susanetie still remains a fearsome warrior. He is humanoid, though the colour of his skin (A mixture of purple and brown) would be sufficient enough to prove that he is not, in actuality, a human. He has long, white hair that flows down his back and also lively orange eyes. He does not wear any sort of clothing on the top half of this body, making it easier to swing weapons without the weight of armor to slow him down. He does, though, wear trousers patterened to look as if they had scales, to retain some common Monster decency. On his right arm is a bracelet given to him by an old friend, and on the left sits a golden gauntlet from which he can summon his sword at will. Said sword is silver with a golden base, and has various spike-like structures running up both sides. The sword also has a slot in the base for any sort of magical enchantment that Susanetie could want to give to it, though is limited to one at a time, and he currently does not have any.


A loyal and respectful man, Susanetie made sure to always complete his clients' orders completely, such is the job of a mercenary. He was friendly to some, though not often talked with those outside of his work because of a want for training. Susanetie, even today, wishes to get stronger and break his own limits. Even an old man like himself can still be powerful, they just need to prove they can be! Though his quest for strength was a lonely one, making a friendship with Zha Ne and taking him as his pupil boosted both Susanetie's strength and his willingness to help other people without demanding money for his efforts. Once a mercenary, now a Bounty Hunter along with Zha Ne, Susanetie is a changed man from what he once was... Which is a very good thing, mind you.


A long time ago, Susanetie was not the powerful figure he is today. He was a troublesome little pest who enjoyed causing a ruccus in the kingdom of Monsters. After a meeting with a powerful Royal Guardsman who scared Susanetie into submission, he made it his goal to become just as powerful as any member of the Royal Guard could ever be, and he still seeks that goal to this day. He did fight in the Human/Monster war, though was not yet powerful enough to make much of a difference. Forced into the Underground with the rest of his species, he resumed his quest for power alone for many years until he met a young monster named Zha Ne. Though he was cocky, Susanetie saw great potential in him and followed him to Snowdin. Zha Ne was beaten by a terrible Captain and was on the brink of defeat when Susanetie stepped in.

Scaring away the Captain, Susanetie healed Zha Ne and constructed him a more powerful piece of armour (Which, though Zha referred to as a "Cyborg body", was little more than the same material Susanetie's own gauntlet was made of). From then on, Susanetie trained Zha as a pupil in a strict training regime. Growing in power by the day, Susanetie plans to have Zha Ne take on the Captain, and win this time. Until that day, though, they will continue with their training... Though still not at his maximum potential, Susanetie is sure that Zha could take on even a human with his new body... Whether that is true remains uncertain as of yet.


  • Based on the God of the Summer Storm, Susano'o from Japanese Mythology.
    • His appearance being based on his Warriors Orochi 3 incarnation.
  • He is powerful, but not unbeatable. He's an old man, remember, they tire fast!

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