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Sweet is a malicious, charismatic, and pixie-like Monster(?) that is a member of the Condiment Crew, along with her partner Sour. She is known as the "Charismatic Officer" of the Crew, replacing Sugar. She is also capable of supportive magic used in combat situations, though her attacks alone are weak.


The phrase "pixie-like" denotes that Sweet must be very small, with wings. That is true, of course, as she is small enough to stand in most beings' hands and can be described as humanoid, albeit with wings and whatnot. Her hair is an orange-ish red, and her eyes are sectorally heterochromatic, being a combination of red and green.

Sweet's hair is barely touched, though she has a red hairband with small horns. To add to her seemingly evil appearance, she also wears a red dress and red shoes. Sweet's wings are also red, being partially transparent. They are capable of changing shape to her own convenience. Light is dimly emitted from her wings and eyes.


Very fitting for her position, Sweet has a way with words. Her charisma and convincing tone only adds to her sly nature. Also, she happens to be very selfish, only helping the Condiment Crew to supposedly fulfill her own diabolic schemes. Of course, this might also apply to Sour, though she acts quite convincingly that he is her only real friend. Sweet's general strategy is to make her way up to someone's ear, whispering to them suggestions, encouragement, blackmail, and whatnot. To allies, she can be somewhat encouraging, and to enemies, her threats easily scare them.

There's also a sadistic component to Sweet's personality. Other than perhaps Sour, she'll love to see others suffer. Especially when they try to compromise with her threats and blackmail. She prefers to mess around with them, only to show no mercy later.


Sweet comes from a place called the Helk; what and where it is, no one knows. Sweet hasn't revealed much about her backstory to anyone, and only little information has gotten to Sour. Apparently, she had met Sour long ago, though "met" wouldn't be a proper way to describe it. Rather, she had baited him into thinking she was trapped in a bird house or something (details aren't very specific), and then whisked him away to the Helk once he had approached her.

Years had passed before they returned to the Underground. The two had become good friends by then, and had the idea to cause havoc anywhere for fun. Sweet will mess with people by whispering into their ears, and Sour would break stuff (and people). This eventually got the attention of the Condiment Crew, who recruited the two into their ranks to replace Sugar and Ketchup, respectively.


HP - 50

ATK - 3

DEF - 1

Sweet's size doesn't help her in combat much, as she can be swatted to death. Still, her magic allows some offensive capabilities, though she depends on Sour to do the dirty work.


Sour is a buff and often agitated Manlybug working as the Enforcer of the Condiment Crew. He brings violence to whoever his superiors point at, though it's usually his partner Sweet giving him those orders.


As the name of his species suggests, Sour is quite "manly." He is about 7'5'', towering over other Monsters in the Underground. Looking very mosquito-like, Sour has reddish-orange skin, and bulging muscles. He spouts wings from his back, which are very similar to wings of an insect, albeit being at a larger scale. He also has four legs, and two pointed antennae on his head. A pointed-thingy that mosquitoes have is what makes up his mouth.

Sour's eyes are bulging circles on his head, though they are hard to distinguish since they're colored like the rest of his body. His feet don't require shoes, as they already are protected enough his skin. Plus, they kinda look like shoes, anyways. Sour wears black pants and the remains of a dark tank top hang around his waist. For some reason, he likes strapping belts with small pockets for what seem to be rocks on his torso.


A very simplistic individual with one single purpose in life: to punch things. Sour isn't so violent to the point he'd randomly punch people, which he does anyways, just because he can. He sees himself as the last warrior of his kind, which went extinct long ago. This pride leads him into the battlefield, or rather, what direction the CC points him in. He is always ready to fight, and enjoys doing so. Still, he waits for the day when a tougher opponent than what he was been battling will show up.


Perhaps it was his behavior as a child that earned Sour his name, or that he made the other Manlybugs feel sour. Doesn't really matter though, at least he could pronounce it. Manlybugs were infamous for being such a ruthless and strong species of Monsters. Even with their strength, they were discriminated against by Ladybugs. That didn't really affect Sour or his kind, but still it lingered a problem that would become worse in the future.

Sour's life was quite uninteresting. All he did was fight. No particular opponent would be strong enough. If he was to turn his life around, it would be impossible on his own, due to his mindset. But a certain pixie-like being's actions ended up saving him. Sour fell into Sweet's trap of being stuck in a birdhouse, and he was taken to a new world. One with lots of fire and creatures, but that only brought a new challenge for Sour. Sweet became good friends with him, and they had many exploits in that place.

They went back to the Underground one day via a portal, and lots had changed. The Manlybugs had died out, some becoming so buff that their muscles imploded, others being victims of the genocide caused by Ladybug discrimination. Still, being the last of his kind didn't deter Sour from his intentions, and the exploits he and Sweet committed upon their return was enough to gain the attention of the Condiment Crew.


HP - 9000

ATK - 25

DEF - 25

Sour is immensely strong and naturally tanky, just from being a Manlybug. His experience has led him to become even stronger, and his punches will hurt you, even though they might not be the fastest.


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