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This is Bob Rainbow-Foxy Ravie, TEH BEST OC EVAR!!!!1111. B0b is the best character you will ever meet! He is a brother of Sans and Papyrus, and he is the most dangerous man around! He'll be able to do all sorts of feats, such as killing Chara in one shot, and defending Frisk against Asriel!!!


Born on the Surface, Bob Rav1e was a sweet child, born by a loving demon/angel father, and a human/minion mother. Oh by the way, did you know that they died? Yeah, but Bob wasn't really affected at all, he remained the Determined individual to this day!!!

One day, at the age of ten... he decided to explore Mount Ebott and hop into the Underground for no apparent reason! He looked around quickly and managed to kiss Toriel on the lips, before he was captured by Gaster! He was experimented on for quite some time, until he also became part skeleton, part pony, part animatronic, AND part hedgehog!

With his newfound powers, Bob easily overpowered 6aster and threw him into the Core! Then, he decided to wander around the Underground for quite some time... before he was taken in by the parents of Sans and Papyrus as an adopted sibling! Oh by the way, they died too, but Bob still was unaffected! To this day, he protects his brothers, and intends on being the hero the Underground needs! 9


Bob has a skeleton-like head, with a glowing blue eye and a glowing orange eye! He wears a photo-negative version of Chara, to show how he mirrors them! He has a pony front-leg for his right arm, and an animatronic arm with a hook for his left arm!

He wears minion overalls with Sonic shoes, from his heritage of Minions and Hedgehogs! He also has a large halo floating above him, to show his angelic nature! He also has large demonic wings, because demons are cool!



  • Everyone!


  • Chara
  • Flowey


  • No-one, because they're all friends!


  • Sans (Brother)
  • Papyrus (Brother)

Romantic Partner(s)

  • Papyrus (Spicy Fontcest~)
  • Chara (NO-ONE MUST KNOW)


Base Stats

HP: 69696969

AT: 9001

DF: 4200


AT: Chara's Knife - 99 AT. He actually found this knife, and intends on using it against Chara!

DF: Asriel's Cloak - 99 DF. He stole this during a TP Route, and has kept it ever since!


Check, Flirt, Burn


He'll only 7ruly fight you if you decide to embark on a Genocide Route! He'll face you right after Sans, and he'll insta-kill you with his Animatronic Stuffing move! However, if you decide to use hax, he'll then use his Demonic Supernova! Afterwards, he'll summon an army of minions to attack you! If you somehow survive, he'll then attack you with a barrage of all his moves! If at any time he is hurt, he'll heal himself for all his HP with his ability Friendship is Magic! And no, not even hax will make him killed, so the only way to survive is by fleeing! Using Flirt will result in a sex-scene, and ending in a death for the player. Using Burn will cause the player to burn automatically, ending in a death!



Bob's Challenge!

Oh boy, does Bob have a challenge for you! If you find all of the randomly placed colored letters and numbers, put them in order, and place them after a link, you will get a very SPECIAL message from Bob himself! Oh, and shshshsh, Bob requests that Admins do not try this challenge! It is very unhealthy for their jobs!


  • Bob is a mix of a Despicable Me, Undertale, My Little Pony, Sonic, and Five Nights at Freddy's OCs. It's very great, isn't it? :3

To be continued.


Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and to Neko for providing the base page. Oh, and thanks to Yossi for helping me with making this page! A thanks as well to Pixelz for helping out! =D

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