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Taffiny is a taffy monster that resides in Waterfall.


Taffiny is a pink monster that has magenta hair and a blue dress. She is made of strawberry taffy, and she likes music. She is very weak, but could get stronger if she tried.

She never lets anyone with sharp teeth but Undyne near her. She, like Papyrus is training to be in the royal guard. She is 18, and seems to hate hot places.

She lives in a house made of chocolate, and she often plays chess with Moldsmal. Her white text at the T.P. ending is "Playing chess while listening to music", and her yellow text at the T.P. ending is "Got together with Napstablook".



  • Napstablook (Crush)
  • Undyne
  • Mettaton 


  • Papyrus
  • Alphys
  • Asgore


  • Frisk (Genocide)



HP: 10

DF: 50

AT: 5

She streches her limbs at you to attack.

ACTs: Check, Bite, Smile, Talk, Flirt


In Genocide, Taffiny hides in hotland, but melts. She becomes The Melted.

HP: 100

DF: 25

AT: 50

Drips of melted taffy drop for her attacks.


"Oh, hello!" - Encounter

"No! Get away!" - Bite with full health

"Ahh! Stop it!" - Smile

"That joke is very funny!" - Talk

"Sorry, I have somebody else." - Flirt

"Ow!" - Bite with under full health

"HELP ME UNDYNE!" - Smile after Bite

"Um... well..." - Flirt x2

"I LIKE NAPSTABLOOK, OKAY?!" - Flirt x3, spare

"Creepy..." - Smile x2

"Hee hee hee! You're making me explode!" - Talk x2

"Well, that was kinda nice." - Talk x3, spare

"Welcome to my house." - Entering her house

"Make yourself at home." - Overworld talking

Flavor Text

You bump into Taffiny. - Encounter

A taffy monster, hates people who want to eat her. AT: 5 DF: 50

She seems creeped out. - Smile

Taffiny blushes. - Flirt x1, Flirt x2

Taffiny giggles at your joke. - Talk x1, Talk x2

Taffiny spares you. -Flirt x3, Talk x3

You take a bite. - Bite

Taffiny and Moldsmal stop playing chess. -Encounter with Moldsmal


  • X-Tale
  • Fanontale - She is the Riverperson.


  • Taffiny's flavor is the creators least favorite flavor of taffy.
  • She can only be encountered once, and encountering her with Moldsmal is very rare.
  • Her home has furniture made of mostly chocolate, and thats why she lives in Waterfall.
  • She never met Papyrus in person.
  • She takes features from Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.


The Creator - The idea

Pink Gasoline Inc. - The amazing pic in the gallery!


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