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A little pudgy, with smooth, fluffy fur as soft as a baby duckling, Teli is a young adult Ram-like Monster. Although standing at a small five foot eight, her height doesn't limit her expression and feeling; she is always very tender and loving, even to people she has never met.

Her two sets of outward facing horns don cracks and chips from many past fights she has wound up in on her wandering path, each one supposedly having its own 'story.' In-between the top set of horns is a small, levitating white ball that pulsates slowly as it floats. She remains unaware how she received it, or how it got there and how it has stayed there, as even if it is somehow blown or waved away by another force, it always comes back.

Teli only knows a few things about the orb itself, from things she has noticed over the time she has had it; It acts like a sort of protector for her, although it doesn't have a mind of it's own, she still describes it as "another presence." Not quite a weapon, but not quite a whole other being either, she puts it as "somewhere inbetween"

Sometimes it needs her to make it do what she needs, other times it doesn't and can act of it's own accord. Knowing full well the brute attack force her horns pack, people can still attack her from a distance. That's what the "light shots" are for; ranging from harmless, warning shots meant to blind opponents, to damaging shots of extreme heat that can cause some severe burn damage, it all depends on the threat she is receiving, and the amount of damage the intended attack is meant to deal.

Among the few things she knows, she has found that it emits strong feelings of joy, and generally causes the people within a close distance of her to feel protected and safe. People usually won't threaten her up close because of this fact, and is why she can be found to be rather calm and collected during a panicky situation.

== Personality ==

Teli is a bit of a Jack of all Trades when it comes to her feelings about things; She's generally very warm and affectionate, and has a loving air about her when you first approach her. But get her mad and she will certainly make you regret your life choices.

Life Before Underground

Teli's backstory is rather dark, I intended it to be this way. If it bothers you that this is not 'original' or 'new and exciting', then don't read it, and continue elsewhere. If you don't care either way and are still interested, please, be my guest and go ahead

Also, trigger warning; this contains some graphic scenes.

A natural born wanderer, Teli found herself in the Underground after leaving her home from a supposed place 'outside', up above on the Surface world.

Her original home was simply known as 'The Sacred Forest'; A peaceful place that the war had yet to touch, it was a place humans and monsters lived together alongside each other peacefully. The war was unheard of there for many years. No one race, monster or human, wanted more power than the other, everyone living there saw each other as equal, and as such, all got along well and lived with one another in harmony.

Around the time Teli was born, her home was still peaceful; an only child, she was born to a loving mother and father, who adored her very much, and gave her all they could. As she grew older, the relationships between the humans and monsters of her home started to deteriorate. The people of her village were kind to all people, and travellers who got lost were often a common problem; if they found their way to their home, they were welcomed with open arms and allowed to stay as long as they needed, so long as they abided by the rules and caused no trouble, otherwise they were dealt harsh, and often life-taking consequences. So when another lost human stumbled upon their peaceful home, they didn't think much of it. Teli was around Ten years old at this point in time.

The man in question seemed kind enough, and started to befriend lots of the people in town, women especially so. After some months of staying with Teli's people, he began to show rather racist tendencies. He began to treat the monsters like nothing more than animals; he avoided them, wouldn't speak to them unless he needed something from them, and not unless he felt like he wanted to, and treated them all very poorly. He did not believe that the monsters were equal to him, or humans in general, and he did not believe that they even deserved to be anywhere near him.

That's when the real trouble started.

He attacked one of the women in the village for simply speaking her thoughts against him, and wounded her fatally. When the village elders found out, they simply agreed on a watchful eye to be put on him, as this was the first time he had acted out against anyone violently, and that he was to be kept away from all members of the community, human or monster. But it only took his voice to put the dirty seed of hatred into the minds of the other humans. After expressing outrage at his punishment, with the proclamation he was 'innocent' and had 'done nothing wrong', that it was the female monster that had attacked him, and he was getting the blame for her supposed crime, the humans sided with him, now convinced that monsters were nothing but lame animals to be ruled over, and that they were the ones to do the ruling.

The humans, now angered that one of their own kind was being treated so badly, set The Sacred Forest ablaze, burning down homes, and taking the lives of any monster that stood in their way. Teli's family woke to find their home alight in the flames; the once peaceful place was now amass with screams and cries of agony as the forest burned bright. It had been two years since the man had stumbled upon their home, now Twelve, Teli had no idea what to think of this. In two years, a single man had come, completely destroyed their society, and now, with the collective help of the humans she had once called her friends and family, started to burn down her home. She was still but a child, and her parents hand nothing to care for but her and her alone. They didn't worry about the valuables inside their home; Teli was the only true valuable they owned. So they covered her in a blanket, picked her up in their arms, and ran from their home, just as it crumbled under the hunger of the flames eating at it.

The humans, after successfully destroying the homes of the innocents, started to chase down the monsters they had flushed out. The Guardians, Peace Keepers to her town that consisted of mostly monsters (much like a royal guard for The Sacred Forest, if you will) were doing their best to protect their people; A good majority of the humans didn't side with the ones who wanted to enslave the monsters. They had grown up with them by their side, some of them even sharing families with them, and being friends to many, but due to being powerless in this situation, only fled alongside the monsters into the greater forest surrounding their previous home.

Most of them got away, but a lot were taken down in a brute, unwarranted force fuelled by hatred.

Now homeless, with nothing but the simple clothes on their backs, they stood and watched as their town, and slaughtered relatives, burned in the distance, their old lives now gone. What little of the towns members that had survived and gotten away, became a nomadic society; they decided that from that night on, staying in one place was a frightful idea, that they would only be hunted down and attacked again, an idea that they did not find too pleasing. Eventually the small group that had survived grew to be larger and larger, and traditions continued and even changed with each new comer to their ever growing family.

But their happiness was short lived, as the threat of attack is always imminent. At this point, four years had past in Teli's new nomadic life, and she was now sixteen. Teli and her Nomadic Society were resting for the night, but unfortunately, a little too close to a human village, one very hostile to monsters, and when they found out, they ambushed. They all awoke quickly to the sounds of all too reminiscent screams, the few designated Guardians protected them as they fled, not ready to fight. Alas, more innocents were taken away from their families forever.

Before the raid, Teli was sitting before a fire with a group of younger members from her nomadic family, when the alarm was raised. The first thing her parents did, as they had the very first time their home had been attacked, was run to her, cover her in a blanket, and told her to run, as fast as her legs could carry her, and never look back no matter what she heard, even if she could no longer hear them running behind her. She was to simply run.

And so she did. Running as fast as she could, with other members from her home scattering in other directions, she dashed into the forest they slept near; around trees, over logs and boulders, she held the blanket over herself and ducked as she ran. By the time she stopped by a random river side, she was on her own, breathing hard. She waited quietly in the hollowed out bottom of a dead tree, hoping someone from her family, one of her friends, a familiar face, anyone, would pass by, so she wouldn't be alone. But for as long as she waited, the dark realization dawned upon her she was truly alone, and no one was coming.

She already knew what fate they had fallen to... The fate she was so lucky to have avoided. And she had no idea whether any one else had survived, but did not have the nerve to try and hunt down anyone incase she stumbled upon one of the humans wanting to kill her. This was the very moment she got her Orb. After washing herself in the river, she found it floating between her horns in the reflection of herself in the river. But she had more important things to worry about, so she forgot about it quickly. She soon came to the fact she had nothing, literally this time; no family, no parents to take care of her, no friends to comfort her in her time of need, and no Guardians to protect her.

This part of the world being new to her, she wasn't aware of what she could eat, and what she could not. She wandered for days, testing things for herself, finding out some things were edible, others... not so much.. She fell ill many times in this period, but she managed to continue living.

After a few more torturous years of now living on her own, she wandered up a mountain side, after hearing tales that no humans ever went up there in fear of never coming back. She decided it was as perfect a place to live as any, since she was now thoroughly frightened of most any humans she came across due to the majority in her encounters of them had resulted in the slaughter and mass genocide of her people

And in her words

"And that's how I found myself down here in the Underground..."





Base Stats

HP: 2300

AT: 40

DF: 50

EXP On Kill: 0

Gold on Win: 0


Check, WIP, WIP, WIP



"WIP?" [WIP, WIP.]

Flavor Text

Teli watches you quietly.. [Encounter]


  • Teli is very loosely based off of Toriel, having alot of major changes but keeping a few typical features that can be shown between the two
    • This in mind, Teli's eyes were heavily based on Toriel's, with a few changes to seperate the two.
  • Teli's name, Teli, means Lamb.
  • The White Ball between Teli's top set of horns can expand and shrink depending on her feelings; if she is frightened, or feeling alone, it will shrink, if she is angry, it will grow larger. These two important features were based off of most animal's natural instincts, only in a bit of a reverse.
    • The White Ball can also pulsate faster, and even seem to 'shake' and 'vibrate' at times depending on other feelings; if she is relaxed, it will keep its steady pace, if she is frightened or shocked, it will palpitate, pulsing in irregular, sharp and quick patterns.


Credit to Kuro Neko Potato for the template, and thank you SquidFairy for adding in the template!


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