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Tempo is an adult bisexual alcoholic that wanders around the underground from time to time. He usually cops an attitude at people. Tempo barely makes friends and tried his best to maintain the friends he has. He rarely has the intent to fight, but when he does, he usually relies on his staff. Although his staff does not have any special abilities, it is rather heavy, and can knock one unconscious quite easily, and although not proven, it can be theorized it could seriously injure someone with the appropriate force.

Tempo first entered the Underground on a routine mission to gather allies for Melodia, his home planet. He eventually got stuck, and decided to explore. He made very few friends, and ultimately failed his initial mission. He still visits to this very day. His current house is in Waterfall, although he does not tell many people where it is positioned, a select few know, only his close friends of which he cares about.

Tempo likes to drink alcoholic beverages a lot. His most common drink is whiskey, but he also drinks booze, wine, and the occasional champagne. As Melodians are immune to intoxication, Tempo is unaffected by it. He does not enjoy this, however, and is finding a way to get himself intoxicated. He has currently tried to get help from Ranch to research a way for him to be inteoxicated. Although the research has turned up nothing yet, Tempo is still hopeful and still pays Ranch to conduct the research.






Love Interests/Romantic Partners

Glass Cannon (Past Love Interest)

Jimmie (Past Love Interest)


HP: 110

ATK: 65

DEF: 30


Check, Sing, Flirt


Tempo is neither from the Underground nor the surface.




GoldenForge for fact-checking after adoption, THANKS FORGE

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