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Teresa is a loyal and slightly more powerful Miatra Agarif, and is a worker at Fadala labs, specialising in the Agarif Capture And Containment (ACAC) Research, in the Anti-Ulder department specifically. Due to that she has specifically made weapons to capture and subdue Ulder subclasses. The knowledge for this was found during when Emily had been captured before and experimented on. She was also the one who oversaw Emily’s marking process and experiments.

She has artificially blackened scales, edged with a glowing neon blue, and her pupils are purple, with a black sclera. Her natural scale color is actually white, seen on the underside of her wings. Her eyes, too are normally a brilliant blue with the normal white sclera. If she’s unconscious her scales turn white again, and her eyes turn normal again.

She prefers crystal manipulation magic, able to make crystalline-based weapons, attacks and structures. She has also shown to be extremely skilled with this magic, being known to make a gigantic thick crystalline box/sphere around her as a last resort, and making huge spike traps. She seems to have never lost the massive learning boost that Agarifs have when young, able to learn things faster then others, and is extremely perceptive, noticing irregularities and contradictions, as well as small details. She uses this to catch out on details in experiments or for a fighting advantage.

She was badly hurt as a pup, causing brain damage. However, after recovering, her brain never lost its over-sensory abilities. This weird effect made her very outstanding in school, getting her called a nerd and bullied. Eventually she had enough, and seriously hurt them as crystalline spikes impaled their legs. She was expelled, even though she didn't know how her sensory awareness had amplified her abilities. Eventually, she worked on her abilities, forming it to her will, and started researching on Ulder's, planning to catch and take one down to prove herself. Eventually, she was recruited into Fadala labs in the ACAC, where she continued to ttrain and learn. She hopes to take down and kill Emily, to be branded a hero, and be likes throughout the Hive.



  • None known


  • None


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HP: 4500 AT: 40 DF: 40 EXP: 60 gold: 32



Pacifist - [ AT, DF, Her scales seem almost crystalline themselves. ]

Neutral - [ AT, DF, Her eyes are glowing. It’s kind of freaky. You wonder what would happen if she was trying. ]

Genocide - [ ...No. ]

[ HUG ]

Pacifist - [ She shoves you away ]

Neutral - [ She bites at you, obviously not happy. ]

Genocide – [ She snaps at you, nearly getting you. ]


  • She gets sick quite often.