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"Oh hello there, are you alright?"

-Terra's encounter quote


Terra is a humanoid bird- tiger hybrid. She is a 22 years old female,she is an innocent, caring, suprisingly strict, strong, and nice woman who wants nothing but peace and freedom despite her appearance. She wears black sleeves with a white mantle around her shoulder, Terra wears a black robe that covers the back of her legs down to her feet, her boots is white and her shoes is black with silver buckles. She serves as a member of the Royal Guard but she sometimes shirks her duties and practice with her spells instead of patrolling the Underground.



Rose (Harpy Mother)

Cecil (Deceased Liger Father)



Vivienne Enchante


Members of the Royal




A long time ago after the sixth human was killed, there was a child that dreams to be a being with incredible so she can protect everyone, along with her family, friends, and loved ones. She challenged Asgore numerous times but failed miserably, she practices everyday and she finally learns how to create magic, she challenged Asgore again but failed. She challenged her again and again but her actions were effortless until one day she managed to learn different spells and managed to hit Asgore but only a scratch, she was filled with joy and she trains every hour, everyday, every month, every year. And in the end she joined the Royal Guard with spells that scare the lower class almost half to death.


She has mastery over three but powerful magic, Fire Magic, Black Magic, and White Magic. In Black Magic she can create and fire dark energy balls that weakens the enemy's hp and armor on impact. In White Magic she can use holy projectiles, can heal injured people, can eliminate the undead, and can revive an almost about to die person, but it will require some of her life force. She can combine her attacks to unleash devastating combos or should she say "graceful movements"











Talk, Help, Fake Attack


"Are you alright? Did that monster hurt you little human?" [Pacifist Route]

"I have to protect everyone! Even if it risk my life!" [Genocide Route]

"What a nice name, i'm Terra" [Talk +1]

"This is the Underground where monsters were sealed ages ago." [Talk +2]

"I don't want to fight you but can we be friends?" [Talk +3]

"Ahahaha! Leave it to me!" [Help +1]

"I'll ask that gentleman to stop attacking you." [Help +2]

"Don't worry! I'll heal you!" [Help +3]

"Hehehe i guess we don't wanna fight each other." [Fake Attack]

"It's time for the Final Requiem!" [Ultimate Combined Attack (Can be seen in Genocide)]

"I hope i see the beauty of the surface....." [Death]

Flavor text

A Royal Guard saved you from a bad monster.[Pacifist Route]

There's still hope for everyone [Genocide Route]

Terra politely introduced herself [Talk +1]

Terra lectures you about the history of the Underground and how did it happen. [Talk +2]

Terra doesn't want to "fight" anymore but rather want to be friends with you [Talk +3]

Terra gives the attacking monster a sinister and feral glare [Help +1]

Terra talk to the monster, she politely asked him to stop or she'll turn him in [Help +2]

Terra rushes in to heal you [Help +3]

Terra giggles and does a fake attack on you too. [Fake Attack]

Terra dances gracefully as she uses all her magic on her opponent. [The Final Requiem]


(Single Attacks)

Remote Flare - Multiple spheres will appear around the enemy and they will denote fiery explosions.

Fiery Energy - Terra will fire quick firebolts then proceeds to cast flare explosions if the attack connected.

Hyperdrive - Terra will charge by attacking her enemy with fire spells, if she has enough her next attack will create a pillar of fire charging towards her enemy and makes a nuclear like explosion

Holy Rings - Terra will fire three large homing holy rings on the enemy.

Shimmering Star - Terra tosses a sphere of holy magic that builds up and explodes.

Southern Cross - Terra will charge by attacking her enemy with holy spells, if enough, 4 giant orbs appears in the sky, in a formation of a cross, then they fall on the enemy, unleashing holy magical explosions on impact.

Dark Orbs - Terra will summon five glowing dark energy orbs that's supports her.

Dark Shower - Terra will shower her enemy with a barrage of dark orbs from above him/her.

Sinister Explosion -Terra will charge by attacking dark spells on her enemy, if enough, the dark orbs that Terra created will unleash a sinister and elemental dark type explosion, weakening her enemies' HP and DF.

(Combined Attacks)

Dark Flare - Terra will make a quick explosion in front of herself then send five fire-dark balls that converge and explodes.

Peaceful Symphony - Terra jump up and conjure a ring of holy magic and starts bombarding her opponent with dark-light orbs that explodes on impact.

Holy Flame - Terra will a barrage of holy-fire projectiles on her enemy.

Snatch Flare - Terra will fire two firebolts that pull her enemy if her opponent is close, she will jump into the air while swinging her dark orbs on the enemy. if further away, she will create three explosions around the enemy.

Holy Snatch - Terra will fire her holy orbs on the enemy and reels them in. if close she will create a large holy sphere and explodes it on her enemy. if further away, she will follow up with a barrage of holy orbs from all directions.

Graceful Harmony - Terra will throws her dark energy orbs on her opponent then they will explode, then she will fire several firebolt that has a pulling effect on impact and then she will create a holy explosion in front of her.

The Final Requiem (Ultimate Attack) - Terra will shower down 20 dark orbs and a barrage of holy-flare projectiles on the enemy, then she will charge up and make a giant flare-dark-light orb and sends it to the enemy.

Alternate Universe

Bakatale - Terra is an assistant teacher of Toriel



Terra usually hides her tail.

Terra always holds back on fights, she doesn't want to kill anyone. Except if it is absolutely neccesary.

Terra doesn't know how to eat properly.

Terra's fur is not very noticeable because it is similar to the skin color of a human.

Terra's tail is very sensitive.

When Terra gets hungry or angry, RUN FOR IT!

On the back of her robe resides a white colored version of the delta rune prophecy sign, meaning she's a member of the Royal Guard.

Terra was inspired by San Zang of Koie, Orochi Warriors and Terra Branford of Final Fantasy.


Thank you Rakgnarok for making Terra's sprite!

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