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Terrane is a young, confused, naive girl, created by the scientist Phillip Horace as an experiment 7 days before the fall of the eighth human. She acts much like a child, not knowing much about the world.


Terrane looks much like her ‘sister’ Thera, but with a few key differences. Terrane is 5’3, two inches shorter than her counterpart, due to being created from a smaller area of land. She no longer has any moss running across her body, and absolutely no hair, as the area she was created in contained no traces of plant life whatsoever. Her eyes, instead of being emeralds, are rubies Due to the lack of plant life in the area she was created in, she no longer has the ability to manipulate plant life or the chlorophyll within that plant life, and thusly has no source of any viable clothing. However, theres not much here that’s impacted due to her young age.


Terrane acts a lot like you would expect a child to:Naive, innocent, and confused. She looks at everything with curiosity, still not knowing the basics of things like, ’Don’t put your hand into an animal’s mouth’ or ‘Don’t touch an open flame with your bare hands.’

However, since she doesn’t know anything about the world, she also views everything with a innocent outlook, believing everything can be changed to be happy. She believes that anyone can be good, no matter what, and that nothing anyone says can change that. Even if she were being attacked, or being killed, she thinks that anyone, even genocidal maniacs, can be good.


Terrane started as a small plot of land in Waterfall. One day, a scientist by the name of ‘Phillip Horace’ came along, having a machine that could channel magic into the ground and create living monsters. And so, he tested his experiment, and it worked. And that was her birth. She stayed with her new ‘father’ for 7 days, learning the basic functions like walking, talking, eating, and drinking, before a human fell into the underground


??? (Unknown sister)

Phillip 'Ph' Horace (Creator and father)


  • HP:1
  • AT:1
  • DF:1
  • EXP on kill:20
  • G on kill:0



Terrane’s battle… Well, isn’t much of one. She dies in one hit, and never attacks. She can’t be spared… But, also won’t try to stop you from fleeing. So, just run, and you don’t have to kill her.


Terrane will stop you, trying to convince you to stop with your senseless genocide… Upon being attacked, she will chuckle, saying ‘D-don’t worry… You aren’t doomed to this… You can ch-change.’ before turning to dust.


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