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Tersered is a child Teemur class Agarif who has a surprising fear of the darkness, while also having the aversion to light. He feels more comfortable in light however. He is black with a smoky grey underbelly spotted with different shades of the colour and has very sharp teeth. He is rather peaceful, preferring to mess with peoples minds. As such he has a much heightened ability compared to other Teemurs. He has a Leviathans which he simply calls Garsidim, it's smoky grey scales fitting to it's new owners colour.

He left the hive at an early age, as his parents didn't care what he did. After wandering the underground, he accidently stumbled upon a Leviathan treating it's Dragar badly, and Tesered stepped in, trying to steal the Dragar to protect it. After getting attack viciously by the Leviathan and running away with the badly beat up and unconscious Dragar, he looked after it, and it quickly warmed to him, liking and preferring him to it's previous owner. They now aren't often seen far apart.

The Dragar is almost completely smoky grey, spotted with different shades of the color much like his current owner, the difference being a white colouring on his face making him always look like he's grinning. For most of his life he had been abused and used by his previous owner, and is happy that Tersered stepped in. He has the upmost hate for his previous owner, and will attempt to kill them if he sees them. Apart from that it is rather friendly, and enjoys being fed or pet.



  • Irich (Father)
  • Rachael (Mother)


  • None yet


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  • HP:3200
  • AT:30
  • DF:9
  • EXP On Kill:80
  • Gold on Win:45


Check [* AT, DF, His Dragur is calmy by his side.]



The smell of smoke fills the air.

Flavor Text

Smells like smoke

It's scales glisten.

You swear you can see smoke coming from its nose.


  • He is a complete athiest, not believing any religion. He knows about Ulder and Reflath classes, but treats them like any other Agarif.


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