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Thalia resembles a human with tree-like features. She has light peachy skin, but her forearms from her elbow to her fingertips are made of roots, shaped into somewhat large 4-digit hands with sharp fingers. Thalia has light blue eyes, and red eyeliner that was drawn triangularly, like eyelashes, to replace the eyelashes most dryads do not have. She has a light green bunch of leaves resembling short hair, somewhat resembling a small, round bush.

Two leaves cover her lower chest area, similar to a bra. Under the two leaves, her stomach area is covered by a thin, bark-like material, and under that a skirt made of the same material. Thalia’s legs are coated by that bark material on the outer part of her legs, which close up around the ankles and feet, forming shoes. Somehow, these clothes are removable.


Years after the war ended, a nymph and a male human who was hiding in the Underground got married, and had two children. First was a boy, and the second, Thalia. A week after Thalia was born, the father was forced out of the Underground, out of Asgore’s fear of humans. The father took the son with him, and Thalia stayed with her mother in the Underground, where she grew up.

Currently Thalia has her own house in Snowdin, and visits her mother from time to time. She works as a waitress at a café called "Greenerie Café".



  • HP: 200
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 15
  • Gold on Win: 20
  • EXP on Kill: 20

ACTs: Check, Flirt, Compliment, Insult


Thalia's battle isn't very hard, and it is quite easy to spare her. Check and Insult do not help to spare her. Flirting 4 times will have Thalia flee, and will result in a win for the player. Complimenting 3 times and Sparing will be successful, and will result in a win for the player.




Thalia is quite clever, and she likes to use her persuasiveness to get what she wants. She is good-natured and will try to not do evil. Thalia likes to be sociable, but is seen as arrogant. She is usually childish and irresponsible.


  • Her real age is 21.
  • Thalia's favorite desert is a parfait.
  • Thalia secretly likes to wear lacy clothes.
  • Thalia's favorite color is red.

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