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The Babysitter is known by many names. The Terror Beneath, the Desert Queen, even "Tiffany." Which of these names describes her best? That's up for debate.


The Babysitter resembles an enormous purple insect, easily dwarfing the majority of Underground residents. She lacks wings but has a shark-like fin on her back - usually the only sign that she's approaching as she tends to burrow her way around the Underground. She has six legs - four of which at the back of her body, and two at the front. The two at the front resemble hands somewhat, so she is able to pick things up as well as walk with them. 

Her skin is made of a very strange material, similar to an exoskeleton. It is as hard as stone and very sensitive to touch. The Babysitter was known to have once gone on a great rampage simply because someone touched her fin, it did not end well for this unfortunate ladybug. Because she lacks eyes, she primarily senses objects and other beings through vibrations in the ground with her sensitive skin.


The Babysitter is not capable of speech and is only able to communicate through screeches, roars and growls. It is assumed that the rest of her subspecies would be able to understand these, but apparently she is the only one in the entire Underground to be of this species. She, however, possesses at least some knowledge of the English language - Shown with her ability to write "BABYSITTER" in several places around the Underground.

Because of the general difficulties communicating with her, it's hard to tell what kind of personality the Babysitter actually has. Of the few things that are known is her huge appetite - natural of someone her size - and the simple fact that she does not like staying still. She is constantly on the move - likely searching for babysitting jobs that will pay well (in food).


Long ago, the Babysitter's ancestors were considered a separate species from Monsters altogether. Because they were viewed as wild animals rather than Monsters, they were not hunted to extinction nor were they sent to be imprisoned in Mt. Ebott when all the others were. They made their home in a desert few humans dared to cross. Despite their status as "weak" Monsters, it was awfully easy for one of the Babysitter's kind to burrow up from under the sand and swallow a human whole - this made up the majority of their diet, in fact.

Many planned to go around the desert instead of traveling through it, however this would increase travel times by a great amount. The Babysitter's species were greatly hated - and many regretted not trapping them within the Mountain when they had the chance to. 

The Babysitter was born much larger than the rest of her species - and possessed her fin from birth - marking her as the new Queen.  Fast, powerful and deadly, she was the most feared out of all her race - and for good reason. However, people had come to avoid the desert like the plague so food was running low. The animals that remained were simply not filling enough - so the Babysitter took it upon herself to travel and search for food elsewhere.

She burrowed, and burrowed, and burrowed, eventually burrowing her way into Mt. Ebott and passed the barrier. She soon found herself separated from the rest of her species, she roared and screeched and growled in hopes that they would come and find her,

But nobody came.

Her love of babysitting came out of the blue, and she will babysit any child (or even adult) if she is paid with enough food.


The Babysitter is viewed as the strongest of her entire race - and for good reason. Her strength is awesome and the material her skin is made of provides her with amazing defensive abilities. She is also fast for her size, though only when burrowing her way under the ground.

She does not have any sort of magic that Monsters typically possess, though she doesn't need it due to her brute strength alone. Just be wary if you happen to be a Human wandering the Underground, 

The Babysitter is extremely hungry.

She also babysits if she's paid in food.


  • The Babysitter's handwriting is almost flawless. The sad part about this is that the only thing she can write is the word "Babysitter."