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"The Black Anima does not remember anything about her human life. Even her old name has been eaten by the jaws of time."

- Anima


The Black Anima, frequently called Anima, is a seemingly soulless and apathetic girl. She does not remember anything about her old life before she found her lantern.



She is devoid of any emotion. When she talks, she speaks in third-person and her voice is flat and monotone. She feels no happiness, empathy, or anger. Her face is completely blank, due to losing her emotions after many years.

It's hinted that this wasn't always her personality, though. Before she found the lantern, she was a normal, bubbly little girl that didn't care about a thing in the world and could be anything that she wanted to be. She had no reason to be emotionless; her life was awesome!



She has a lantern, called the Black Jade. This lantern omitts a soft green glow that burns forever and seems to possess magical powers that were transferred to Anima to wield.


Anima has magical powers, appearing to be the only one of the humans who has magic in a way, but her magic not nearly as strong as the monsters' magic.

Her magic is shadow-based. With the Black Jade, she could summon in small weapons or figures, like a shadow raven, nothing too big, to attack. On the surface, she could also use short rips in shadows to get to places easier, but this ability seems to have disappeared when she fell into the Underground.


  • Anima (Given by herself)


Anima is short, about 5'2". She always wears the same deadpan and emotionless expression on her face. Her eyes, a baby blue, are always dull. Anima is also unusually pale, to the point where her skin is almost a pure white, with the exception of the shadow that seems to always be on the top half of her face.

Her messy, unkempt hair is waist-length. Originally, back before she found her lantern, she dyed her hair red and kept it down to her shoulders. Now, only the tips were red and the rest was her natural hair color, which was a dark brunette/black. She used to despise that color, but now she just didn't care either way.

Anima wears a black-and-white striped headband that was decorated with white flowers and blue musical notes. She has worn the same blouse, skirt, gloves, stockings and shoes ever since she had found her lantern, her blue rose earrings just as attached to her ears as her hand on the Black Jade.

Anima's blouse is usually a bright purple and lacy, the sleeves of the blouse going down to her wrist, and the laces turned into a light brown from years of wear and tear. Her maroon skirt goes about halfway down to her knees. On the back of said skirt is a big, yellow ribbon tied into a bow tie.

Her shoes are blue. The tops where the tops of her feet are are uncovered, save for a strap of the same color of her shoes to buckle them down. Underneath these shoes she wears a pair of knee-high yellow and black striped stockings.


During the first 16 or so years of her life, she lived like an ordinary girl. Her parents were rich, she kept a steady average of B+, and she had a nice, quiet group of friends. Anima's life was perfect and she was in complete control of it.

One day, though, she had gotten into trouble with her parents for a reason that no one remembered. She fled the house, shaking and crying, where she headed for somewhere as far away as she could think of. This place ended up being a forest.

There, Anima cried until she couldn't cry any longer. After composing herself, she decided she would try and find her way back so that she could apologize to her parents. She hadn't even passed three trees when it started to get dark. In front of her was a strange green glow, which turned out to be a lantern - the Black Jade.

She used this lantern to help her find her way home, not knowing of its powers - at first. How she discovered she could use rips was an accident, when she accidentally walked into a tree and into a rip during her first night away from home.

To this day, however, she has not found her home yet, and is still wandering. Through years of walking, going through rips, and more, she had become an empty shell. Her emotions disappeared and all memories of her old home had vanished from her mind. She does not even remember her name.

One day, Anima had walked to Mount Ebott. By this time, she had completely forgotten everything about her home, including its appearance, so she took a risk and jumped into the mountain, hoping that maybe this mountain was her home.


  • She now has a major problem making friends, as, because her emotions are gone, so is her ability to empathize. This may make her seem like a jerk to those who just met her, but in reality, she's just forgotten how to act like a normal person.
  • Her shadow magic is very draining on her. The limit on how long she can go using her shadow magic without completely passing out is three minutes. If she goes to or close to that limit, she will be very exhausted and unable to fight for a while.
  • On the surface, where she can use her rips, they can only go so far, and she has absolutely no idea where she will end up in the next rip. This can cause quite a few problems for her, so she uses it sparingly to keep herself out of as much trouble as possible.
  • Anima cannot ever lose her grip on her lantern. If she were to let go somehow, not only will her magic be lost, her life will be drained away, causing her to die. If she is an rip when she lets go, she would not instantly die, but she will lose her magic and be stuck in that rip forever, leaving her to a slow and painful death.



  • Mother (Name Forgotten)
  • Father (Name Forgotten)
  • Niece (Name Forgotten)
  • Cousin (Name Forgotten)


  • Friend Group (Names since forgotten)


  • None


  • None



  • HP: 360
  • AT: 50
  • DF: 30
  • EXP on Kill: 40 (Changed to 120 in Genocide)
  • Gold on Win: 40 (Changed to 50 in Genocide)









"..." [Encounter]

"Who are you." [Check]

"She is known as The Black Anima." [Talk #1]

"The Black Anima does not care." [Talk #2]

"..." [Talk #3+]

"Whatever." [Compliment #1]

"The Black Anima does not care." [Compliment #2]

"Perhaps they are." [Compliment #3]

"Really." [Compliment #4]

"..." [Compliment #5]

"..." [Insult #1]

"The Black Anima does not care." [Insult #2+]


"..." [Encounter]

"You are the murderous human." [Check]

"..." [Talk #1]

"Maybe so." [Talk #2]

"She doesn't care." [Talk #3]

"..." [Compliment #1+]

"Maybe so." [Insult #1]

"She doesn't care. She hasn't cared for years." [Insult #2]

"Perhaps." [Insult #3+]

"..." [Attack #1]

"*flinch*" [Attack #2]

"You are murderous. But why." [Attack #3]

"She does not like you." [Attack #4+]

"...perhaps this was my home." [Death]

Flavor Text


A pale young woman with a lantern approaches you. [Encounter]

Her voice is flat and monotone. [Check]

You ask what the girl's name is. [Talk #1]

You tell Anima your name. [Talk #2]

You try to start up a conversation with Anima. She doesn't respond. [Talk #3+]

You tell her that she has pretty eyes. [Compliment #1]

You tell her you think her hair is cool. [Compliment #2]

You tell Anima how pretty her earrings are. [Compliment #3]

You tell Anima how amazingly awesome her lantern is. [Compliment #4]

Anima seems reluctant to fight. [Compliment #5] (Here, you can spare her.)

Smells like an empty shell of a human.

You tell her that her eyes are creepy and fake. [Insult #1]

You tell her that her lantern is weird. [Insult #2]

You try anything to get a reaction out of Anima. [Insult #3+]


Pitiful. [Encounter]

So she knows. [Check #1]

You tell her how pathetic it is for her to try and fight. [Talk #1]

You tell her that she should have never stepped outside. [Talk #2]

You mock her. [Talk #3]

She doesn't accept your compliment. [Compliment #1+]

You mock everything about her. [Insult #1]

She doesn't care. [Insult #2]

You try anything to get a reaction out of her. [Insult #3+]

She stays straight-faced. [Attack #1]

She flinches and attempts to attack. [Attack #2]

She wishes to know why. [Attack #3]

Worthless. [Attack #4+]

Her home is now gone. [Death]


  • In an alternate timeline, Anima eventually does end up finding her family waiting for her after what may have been nearly a decade.
  • If Anima were to have a pet, she would take care of it and play with it, but she would be unable to love it and bond with it.


Dedicated to my best friend, Eliza...

Thank you for being with me as I talked about Anima nonstop and all the ideas I had for her.

Thank you for joking around with me when I joke revealed that I actually am the Black Anima and that the only way I was able to create such a creative character was by writing about me.

Thank you for giving me your opinion on her and what I could do to change it.

But, out of everything else...

...thank you for being my best friend.

- AwesomeTrinket


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