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The Dark Apparition appears to be a tall humanoid figure. It's body is pitch black, and it's arms and legs are disconnected from the torso, floating. It has no feet or hands, and has a broken red heart pattern on both of it's arms. It's head almost appears to be stretched out, it's mouth and eyes always locked in the same expression. It's mouth and eyes also emit a bright light, which can hurt ones eyes if looked at directly. The creature also appears to be incorporeal.


The dark apparition lives off of the negative emotions of monsters and humans, and as such, dose it's best to terrorize and even harm those around it when in need of energy. Despite this, they refuse to kill monsters, and only try to kill humans so that the barrier may be broken. As to why it cares if the barrier is broken or not, is unknown. They can't get energy from dust or a body after all.They are remorseless but fair, refusing to cheat in a battle. It dose not often speak, but seems to constantly be calm and collected when it dose. They also seem to have a set of rules that they abide by, they never attack children be it monster or human, and will even come to the defense of one should they be in danger. Despite this they do still try to scare children if in dire need of energy. When asked what it's name or gender is, it will not respond.


Not much is know about The Dark Apparitions' past. They just simply appeared in Waterfall one day. Though, it has mentioned on several occasions that it "was not always like this" And that it used to just be able to get it's energy though normal monster or human food. They refuse to enter the lab in Hotland, it can be assumed that whatever happened to them, happened there.


The Dark Apparition is quite ruthless in battle, attacking with hard to dodge Hellfire attacks, which inflicts burn damage, of which will drain HP down to 1 unless cured with any healing item, a healing spell, or being hit by a water attack or attack that would trigger KR, which overrides burn. They can also make it difficult for there foe to see, by casting a dense fog around the area.

The Dark Apparition despite being incorporeal, dose seem to take some damage from physical attacks. Though, they take much more from magical attacks. They can dodge both of these forms of combat particularly well.


(Pacifist or neutral)

HP: 800

Attack: 40 (20)

Defense: 0

EXP on kill: 66


Attack 40 (35)

Defense: 20

EXP on kill: 66

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