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"You are a fool, you really are... If I was affected by every disease in the universe, I wouldn't succumb. If my head was to be popped off of my shoulders, I wouldn't fall. IF I WAS TO BE CUT INTO A MILLION PIECES, I WOULDN'T BE FINISHED! I AM THE DARK CORPSE, AND NOT EVEN THE GODS CAN STOP ME FROM COMING BACK!" ~The Dark Corpse When Attacked

The Dark Corpse is a malevolent being that mysteriously entered the Underground. He has a downright evil personality, with the intentions of torturing and/or killing anyone that he comes across. As of now, he has a Black Soul, which is why he acts like this.

He speaks in English, but can make monstrous noises such as roars or screams. He is an optional antagonist, that can be activated by the request of the player(s). He is sometimes mistaken by others as Chara, due to the nature of his hostility.

While the Dark Corpse is hostile, he can socialize with others at certain times. He takes a liking in those with an evil nature, even occasionally taking in someone such as Chara. He usually socializes to either get a deal in his favor, or to deceive someone.


Born approximately 25 years before the war, Natis Prosec was a kind-hearted child with great physical build. He prospered in education, especially in battle strategy. Over the years, he proved to be very capable in leadership and combat. The ruler of the Humans eventually appointed Natis Prosec as the General of the First Human Army.

About one year before the war, Natis Prosec met a nice monster, who was the Duchess of the Gorgons, named Lora. They eventually became friends, and became well connected, to the point of romance. One day, his parents had mysteriously died, and Natis claimed that the monsters had killed them. His friend Lora opposed him, and the first battle began.

Over the next two years, the monsters and humans fought, Natis leading the humans into battle. During the final battle, Natis was mortally wounded by Asgore in combat. As Natis slowly began dying... he told the humans to cast the barrier onto the monsters. The barrier was cast when the monsters went underground. Natis died the next day of a stab in the back.

Approximately 10 years before the events of Undertale, a experiment in the First Human Village arose, named the 'Reincarnation Experiment'. It was to test the powers of an essence named 'Forgetting', an essence that came with certain SOULs. A human named Marcos Raw was tested on by this, and re-gained the personality and knowledge of Natis Prosec.

After the experiment, he attacked the scientists and set out towards Mt. Ebott... with the new goal of reaching LV 20. He wanted to torture to reach this power... he intended to destroy the ENTIRE planet... He had become the Dark Corpse.


The Dark Corpse takes the form of a 15-year-old human boy. He has no hair, dark grey skin, and sinister red eyes. He wears robes that resemble satanic robes, with a hood that normally covers all of his head except his eyes.

His skin is somewhat wrinkled, like as if the body was actually about 45 years old. He has no teeth at all, with a pointed red tongue. His hands have really sharp fingernails, that look almost like claws.

From a distance, anyone that views the Dark Corpse would usually assume him to be any other human. When they get close enough, they can see the extra details and smell his foul stench, and realize what he might actually be.



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Romantic Partner(s)

  • Lora (Romantic Interest)


Base Stats

HP: 0/20 - 0/500 (Depends on current LV)

AT: 4-80 (Depends on current LV)

DF: 0


AT: Gauntlets of Despair - ??? AT. If the Dark Corpse deals damage, he loses HP in a proportion to how much damage he dealt.

DF: Robes of Deception - 0 DF. If the Dark Corpse is hit, he takes twice as much damage.


Check, Persuade, Hug, Intimidate, Defend

LV Stats

The Dark Corpse's attack, defense, and moves are dependent on what level he is currently at. This is a description of what happens at each level.

  • LV 1 - AT is 4, Max HP is 20. Can only use his fire storm with a simple explosion pattern.
  • LV 2 - AT is 8, Max HP is 30
  • LV 3 - AT is 12, Max HP is 40. His fire storm gains a new spiral pattern.
  • LV 4 - AT is 16, Max HP is 50.
  • LV 5 - AT is 20, Max HP is 65. He becomes able to use his claw attack.
  • LV 6 - AT is 24, Max HP is 80.
  • LV 7 - AT is 28, Max HP is 100
  • LV 8 - AT is 32, Max HP is 120. His fire storm gains a polygon pattern, which shifts from different polygons.
  • LV 9 - AT is 36, Max HP is 140.
  • LV 10 - AT is 40, Max HP is 160. He becomes able to use his scorpion attack.
  • LV 11 - AT is 44, Max HP is 180.
  • LV 12 - AT is 48, Max HP is 200.
  • LV 13 - AT is 52, Max HP is 225. His fire storm gains an explosion of 5 fireballs which bounce around in the bullet board.
  • LV 14 - AT is 56, Max HP is 250.
  • LV 15 - AT is 60, Max HP is 275. He becomes able to use his 'latching tentacle' attack.
  • LV 16 - AT is 64, Max HP is 300.
  • LV 17 - AT is 72, Max HP is 350
  • LV 18 - AT is 76, Max HP is 400.
  • LV 19 - AT is 80, Max HP is 500. If one of his attacks hit the SOUL, his next attack can do twice as much damage. In the Neutral Route, the Dark Corpse is unable to reach LV 20, so he injects Determination into himself, becoming the Zenith Corpse.
  • LV 20 (Genocide Route) - He successively turns into the Starving Devourer.
  • LV 0 and Infinity (True Pacifist Route) - Unable to reach ANY level due to the protagonist constantly caring, he decides to absorb the 6 Human Souls. He effectively becomes Natis Prosec again.


The Dark Corpse uses the Black Soul, and loves death/pain. As a result, his HP starts at 0, making the FIGHT option utterly pointless.


The Dark Corpse plants a fire storm onto the bullet board. This fire storm will release different patterns of fireballs, depending on the Dark Corpse's current power and what patterns he has used already.

The Dark Corpse swipes at different areas of the board with his claws. These areas will be marked by a rectangle with an exclamation mark in the middle before they are swiped.

Large scorpions come out of the Dark Corpse's clothing, and leap at you. If you are hit by a scorpion, you are poisoned. Poison subsides when the full damage is done, or when something is eaten.

An intestine-like tentacle tipped with a sharp jaw comes out of the Dark Corpse's mouth and latches onto you. He slowly pulls you in while fireballs come in from the left and right. You can struggle to escape by constantly moving. If he successfully pulls you in, your HP is halved.


In order to defeat the Dark Corpse, his HP bar has to be maxed out. Green bullets increase his HP by a bit. Hugging him will immediately increase his HP. Persuading him will cause him to think, and if you successfully dodge his attacks, his HP will increase more than by hugging. Intimidating him will do nothing on the first turn, but will triple the HP increase done on the next move. Defending yourself will decrease the damage done by the Dark Corpse. The Dark Corpse usually flees right before his HP bar is maxed out.


Theme Music

Dark, Dead, And Yet Alive. [1]


"You're next." [Encounter]

"Your petty fighting won't work here..." [Attacked at 0 HP]

"What? Did you really think THAT would work?" [Attacked at an HP Level above 0]

"What are you doing...?" [Hug]

"Get your hands off of me!" [Hug #2]

"I said STOP IT!" [Hug #3+]

"...What are you getting at here?" [Persuade]

"That's... interesting..." [Persuade #2]

"How... compelling." [Persuade #3+]

"What a petty threat..." [Intimidate]

"Your attempt at scaring me is so poor..." [Intimidate #2]

"I'm the frightening one here..." [Intimidate #3+]

"...Your intimidation made this worse." [Hug after Intimidate]

"Considering your insult, I have to think this through..." [Persuade after Intimidate]

"Prepare yourself, then." [Defend]

"Raising my HP will not help..." [Dark Corpse's HP at 50%]

"I'm out, I have hostages to torture... victims to DEVOUR..." [Dark Corpse flees]

Flavor Text

A mysterious figure blocked your path... [First Encounter]

The Dark Corpse stands there... [Later Encounters]

The Dark Corpse attacks, this may be the last time... [Encounter at LV 19]

He stares into your eyes... growling... [Neutral]

Why are we here anyways...? [Neutral]

Smells like a dead body. [Neutral]

Is he gagging? [Warning for Latching Tentacle Attack]

What? The attack did NOTHING! [1st Attempt to Attack]

It seems that fighting won't work here... [Later Attempts to Attack]

You hug him around the waist, the cloak actually feels soft. [Hug]

You give him another hug, higher up around the chest. [Hug #2]

You hug him again, as it seems to be working. [Hug #3+]

You tell him that there's no need to fight, he can be forgiven. [Persuade]

You tell him that everyone has a chance for redemption. [Persuade #2]

You tell him that everything is going to be okay. [Persuade #3]

You tell him that he's going to have a bad time. [Intimidate]

You tell him that a storm will come if he doesn't stop... [Intimidate #2]

You firmly command him to stop attacking. [Intimidate #3+]

You prepare yourself for the Dark Corpse's next attack. [Defend]

Halfway there... living on a prayer. [Dark Corpse's HP at 50%]

The Dark Corpse ran away. [Dark Corpse Flees]


The Zenith Corpse is the Dark Corpse's final form at a Neutral Ending scenario. The Dark Corpse, unable to currently reach LV 20, decides to inject himself with determination to challenge you. However, when this does happen, he is effectively transformed into the Zenith Corpse for the duration of the battle, the HP effects of the Black Soul becoming null. If he is defeated, you have the option to spare him or fight him.


The Zenith Corpse takes the form of a terrifying Ridley-like dragon, colored grey. His body is very skinny, to where the bones could be seen. His chest is torn open, exposing the rib cage. His head is covered with red eyes, and a large/central eye above the mouth.

His wings are large, colored black, and filled with holes. His hands are replaced with spore-like shooters that fire explosive fireballs. His legs are replaced with blood-stained blades that can easily cut through bone and skin. He also has a long tail tipped with a black heart.


Base Stats

HP: 1000 per body part. (6 Body Parts)

AT: ???? (Stats aren't shown)

DF: ???? (Stats aren't shown)


Target, Heal


The battle is a side-scroller boss battle complete with large and widespread attacks, very similar to that of a Super Smash Bros boss battle. In order to defeat the Zenith Corpse, all 6 of his parts have to be damaged to 0 HP (Wings, Tail, Arms, Legs, Chest, Head). The ACT button is used to heal yourself and target a new body part each time. The FIGHT button occasionally appears, and must be used immediately. When you inevitably get low health, you become filled with determination and get a sharp attack boost.


The Zenith Corpse shoots out a barrage of fireballs from his spore hands that explode on impact with walls or characters, sending out mini-fireballs from the explosion.

The Zenith Corpse takes flight, and quickly attempts to either ground-pound the character with his blades or ram into the character with his head.

The Zenith Corpse flaps his wings, sending out massive sound waves that damage the character on impact.

The Zenith Corpse fires laser beams from his smaller eyes, which are then followed by a large laser beam from his central eye. Can be dodged by moving through small gaps, or remaining between the lasers.

The Zenith Corpse gets close to the character, and attempts to grab him/her with his ribcage. Devastating damage and sudden, but can be easily avoided if you keep your distance.

The Zenith Corpse flies into the air and ends up in the background, shooting at the character with his laser beams and fireballs. Areas where the projectiles will end up will be highlighted by a warning sign.


After the Zenith Corpse runs out of HP in all parts, he turns into a damaged version of his normal self, vulnerable to attack. The FIGHT and MERCY options appear, giving you the choice to either spare him, or kill him.



"Now that you cannot escape this easily... it is time for you to BURN" [Encounter]

"You see this? You cannot win this, human... for I am your superior, a monstrous human that will succeed you and destroy this world... you're weak. You're pathetic. You are MINE!" [Low Health Warning]

"H-How?! I was just one level away from destruction... and equal DETERMINATION! I SHOULD'VE WON THIS! GAAAAAAAAAA-" [Out of HP]

"I see... you kill me when I'm vulnerable. Good on you, you made a good move... I will see you in Hell, you worthless monster lo-" [Killed]

"...What are you doing? I'm vulnerable, kill me while you have the chance." [1st Spare]

"You are making bad mistakes, you shouldn't give Mercy to just anyone." [2nd Spare]

"If you let me live... I'll be back." [3rd Spare]

"I'll reach LV 20." [4th Spare]

"I'll destroy the entire planet! MAYBE EVEN STOP IT FROM EVER BEING BORN!" [5th Spare]

"...Why? Why are you... sparing me?" [6th Spare]

"You don't understand... this shouldn't be done." [7th Spare]

"I just... don't deserve it" [8th Spare]

Flavor Text

Zenith Corpse versus [Name]... FIGHT! [Encounter]

It looks like the end... Asgore is dead, you're very weakened, and the Zenith Corpse is going to win... thinking of your friends, your journey, your goal... you are filled with DETERMINATION. Attack is increased! [Low Health]

You targeted a new part of the Zenith Corpse's body. [Target]

The Gods smile upon you, you heal half of your HP! [Heal]

......... [Final Decision]

Nothing but dust is left... the Dark Corpse has finally been defeated. [Fighting Complete]

The Dark Corpse's HP was maxed out. The Dark Corpse ran away, a trail of tears being left behind. [Sparing Complete]


The Starving Devourer is the Dark Corpse's Final Form in a Genocide Route. Having reached LV 20, the Dark Corpse becomes at his full capacity of power, and now wants to eat everything. He is an optional boss, as it can be fully skipped if he is allowed to devour the world.

If the player dies battling him, or allows him to devour the world, the Genocide Route ends in a fashion similar to the end of a normal one. If the Starving Devourer is defeated however, you have the option to either destroy the world yourself, or leave it in peace.


The Starving Devourer takes a form similar to the Dark Corpse's, except for a few major changes. The lower part of his body is turned into a mass of darkness, that can corrupt the ground that it touches.

His arms are turned into the latching tentacles that the Dark Corpse would've usually kept inside his throat/body. Last, but certainly not least, his head is enlarged greatly, and his mouth becomes extremely large/wide with sharp teeth built to chomp anything.

His red eyes remain the same size however, and he keeps his robes. His robes are however torn up, possibly from being extremely hungry.


Base Stats

HP: Due to the nature of the player's high damage attacks at this point, he instead has 30 Health Bars instead of a very large one.

AT: 99

DF: 0


AT: Dinner Claws - 99 AT. If the Starving Devourer successfully hits you three times in one turn, he gains one Health Bar.

DF: Tough Head - ??? DF. If the Starving Devourer is not harmed in two consecutive turns, he gains one Health Bar.




In order to defeat the Starving Devourer, he must be hit exactly 15 times, as he now has 15 Health Bars. This is extremely difficult however, as his attacks deal high damage, and the battle will last at least 15 turns. He could also gain more Health Bars due to the passive abilities of his apparel, making the battle even longer.


The Starving Devourer does the Dark Corpse's claw attack, except a lot quicker and a lot more powerful.

The Starving Devourer lashes at the SOUL with his arms, attempting to latch onto it. If they latch onto the SOUL, you are immobilized, giving him enough time to damage you with a fire attack.

The Starving Devourer's 'darkness' part of the body goes into the ground, and causes large cracks on the bullet board, which would be damaging.

A poisonous fog comes out of the Starving Devourer's mouth, covering most of the bullet board and moving around. Upon coming in contact with the fog, you are poisoned like if the Scorpions hit you.

Bone Scorpions come out of the Starving Devourer's robes, and leap at you. If you are hit by a Bone Scorpion, you are poisoned much like the normal Scorpions. If you aren't hit, the Bone Scorpions explode in an attempt to hit you again.

The Starving Devourer regurgitates attacks from his swallowed victims, and uses them on the SOUL. While the attacks occur, he also tries to bite at the SOUL in a large-cone attack, making this move the hardest to survive.



"No-one believes in you anymore, freak... there is no point in living, no point in continuing... you are now nothing... but FOOD! TIME TO EAT!" [Encounter]

"What? Did you think I would be killed THAT easily?" [1st Successful Hit]

"Ahahahahah... your skin tastes DELICIOUS" [Healed by Dinner Claws]

"More strength to FEAST!" [Healed by Tough Head]

"Enough of this... now I will SWALLOW YOU WHOLE!" [About to use his Regurgitate Attack]

"Even if you are damaging me... I will kill you before you kill me." [Down to 15 Health Bars]


"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE INVINCIBLE! Not even a last meal..." [Dying Line]

"You tasted very well... now I will consume the EARTH!" [Player's Death]

Flavor Text

You are the Starving Devourer's appetizer... the main course? THE WORLD" [Encounter]

You successfully drained his life bar to zero... but a new one suddenly appears!" [1st Successful Hit]

No-one is there to help you anymore... [Neutral]

You feel your pain, sins, and betrayal crawling ALL over you. [Neutral, Hurt]

The Starving Devourer eats what he has snatched from you, and gains one Life Bar. [Healed by Dinner Claws]

The Starving Devourer slowly regenerates, gaining one Life Bar. [Healed by Tough Head]

Is he gagging again? [Warning for Regurgitate Attack]

Halfway there... living on a demonic ritual. [Down to 15 Health Bars]

Just one more hit, and he is DONE for! [Down to 1 Health Bar]

The Starving Devourer has been defeated, his head flying off... do you destroy the world yourself, or do you try to break out of your spell? [After Death, Final Decision]


  • In the OOC Land, the Dark Corpse has been shipped MANY times, with characters ranging from Chara to Doll to Tiger.
  • His appearance is unintentionally similar to Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars series, Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, and the Last Airbender.
  • The Dark Corpse won two categories at the first OC Fan Awards thread, for Best Villain OC and Edgiest OC respectively.
  • The Dark Corpse was once in one of Shadow's Dating Events. He was forced into it, and was actually paired with Needleteeth and Shadow. Let's just say, he went into a frenzy in the very end.
  • The Dark Corpse was Forge's first OC, and is the page holding the 1000th edit of Golden Forge.
  • The Zenith Corpse is based off of Ridley, from the Metroid series.
  • The Starving Devourer's personality/appearance is somewhat based off of Bakasura, a monstrous beast in Hindu mythology and a playable character in Smite.


Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and to Neko for providing the base page. Thanks to Squid for making the battle sprite, and to Ethan for the Overworld Sprite. Thanks to Edge for the Battle Sprite of the Zenith Corpse. Thanks to Geshtro for the Theme Music.