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"I-I-It's the end of the line, H-Human!" --Avv's First Encounter with the Human

Avv could easily be called "Ryuu's brother", even if he is not... Created by The Best Doctor, always egocentric, but tries to be gentle when he needs... Until The Human Came


Once a mild mannered and shy bunny from the village of Snowdin, Avv became a proud member of the royal guard, thanks to the mad science of Dr. Alphys and his own determination to see those he loves protected from the ravages of the enemies of Monsterdom.

Avv was born but a simple bunny, not even of the anthropomorphic sort, but small and fluffy, with only nubby little claws and teeth to defend himself. However, Snowdin was a peaceful place for a Monster such as him, and he grew up happy with his large extended family.

However, Avv always felt small, and powerless. Slightly paranoid, he always feared the legends and rumors that the Humans would one day return and wipe out the last vestiges of Monsterkind. Having so many beloved family members and friends, Avv became determined to transform himself into a warrior, to join the Royal Guard and defend his home. However, as he was still little more than a ball of fur, unless Humans were vulnerable to being nibbled to death, he was useless in this capacity.

Avv elected to travel to Hotland, and beseech the aid of the Royal Scientist. Begging Alphys to make him a better fighter, Avv underwent a series of dangerous, highly experimental enhancements that transformed him from a small shoe box sized bunny into a still rather small slightly anthropomorphic Rabbit type Monster. Standing an impressive (considering what he was) 5'0", and for the first time having mighty tumbs, Avv thanked Alphys roundly and set off to train and become the finest warrior he could be.

Right after he joined the Royal Guard, different from most guards who usually uses a weapon with a shield, Avv just wanted the shield, since he was too Fearful to give real damage, but too Courageous to do anything to stop any kind of damage, since he was the only one to try such crazy, non-logical and weird Idea, they ended giving a special, eldritch and interesting looking shield to Avv, with a good size, enough to cover his own back



  • Royal Guards


  • "The Own Demon" [Genocide Run Player Event]


HP: 650

AT: 50

DF: 80

EXP: 70


Check, Flirt, Pose, Pet, Salute



The First Encounter with Avv is in the Snowdin Forest, he just simply tries to talk with the <Player> until he understands the danger and the fact that it may be a Human

The Second Encounter with Avv is on the CORE, but just in a NPC form, if you talk with him, one of these dialogs can appear

"I see...You have a good heart, <Player Name>" [Pacifist Event]

"I remember...I actually tried to throw my mighty shield at you, instead of showing it!" [Neutral/Pacifist Event]


On his turn, the bullet board can be filled with 4 white circles, each one of them will move towards the <Soul>, and can be easily dodged

Other times, the bullet board will just get 3 triangles (Usually, 2 will be Light blue, and 1 Orange, but the combination can be changed), They can give a small noise effect and glow for a second, and then fire a beam at the <Soul>

In other turns, he may just place a text in the bullet board saying - "We Really Need To Fight?"


After using Flirt or Pet 4 times, you'll be able to spare him, Or after surviving 8 turns, He will offer to spare you.

Because of his shield, Fighting him for killing may take time, maybe 4 or 5 Turns, If the <Player Name> hits the shield 4 or 5 times (3 Criticals can cause the shield's break), Avv can be One hit killed after

NPC Commands

More than appearing in the CORE, his main NPC Encounters is in Snowdin Town, where he is just doing a Royal Guard's job, guarding the town, talking with him would open some of those dialogs

"...You will tell nothing to my Superior, right?" [Speaking]

"C-Can I have a Fist-pump!..." [Speaking, may open a Option menu]

[>Go on] - "H-Haha~! Nice!"

[>No] - "W-Wha~!?...Hmph, F-Fine."

"It was a good fight, Human!...E-Even though I could win!" [Speaking, if you lose HP in the fight, he may heal you after]

"I-It was...a good duel...Humans really are stronger than Monsters...just like in the books..!" [Speaking, if you win without losing HP in the fight]


"J-Just take it easy!" [Encounter]

"Uh Oh..." [Encounter, Genocide Run]

"...Time to open my eye!" [Encounter, If any Royal Guard gets killed in any other Run]

"Ack!...Nice One!" [Hit]

"T-This is...Uh...I-I will think about that" [Flirt]

"Y-You will make me Blush..!" [Flirt, #2]

"A-Alright, Enough with that!" [Flirt, #3]

"I-I would pose too but...The shield must be in my back" [Pose]

"T-This is a fight, N-Not a romance story..!" [Pet]

"H-Hmph....F-Fine, Y-You don't seems evil to me" [Pet, #2, True Pacifist]

"T-That's a kind of Honor..!" [Salute]

"Oh...Lonesome, Me" [Killed]

"U-Ugh...I-It was a try" [Killed, Genocide Run]

Flavor Texts

*You question to yourself who is this Strange Looking Rabbit [Encounter]

*Avv starts to panic silently [Neutral]

*Smells like Carrots [Neutral]

*Avv starts to shake the shield in panic [Hit]

*Avv seems to regret [If the Player gets damaged, Neutral, Pacifist]

*His ears are twitching [Flirt, Pet]

*Looks like Avv is trying to pose using only his legs [Pose]

*Avv is sparing you [Being spared, Neutral, True Pacifist]

*Avv squeaks in a kind of happiness [Salute]



  • The Eldritch Shield was a very old idea for another old OC, that just got used in Avv, since it wasn't round...but it wasn't a square, and it was a fun design!
  • His own fighting style is very inspired in "Captain America", a MARVEL Hero(...or Traitor)
  • Even though he is a 'bunny' character, he doesn't like carrots very much
  • The Creator needs to know how to animate and create gifs. GeeGee.mp4


The Character Design and Story belongs to The Great Avv....Pretty Obvious

The Page Format is a total reference to Neko's page

That Beautiful Sprite was created by That One Cool Person, before I changed it

And thanks very much T42, part of the Story, before I changed it.

Honorable Mention about Reddest for no reason.

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