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The Helk is an alternate world that exists parallel to to the one featured in Undertale. To said world it has a very close relation, and portals between the two worlds showing up are extremely common. Despite that, there are very few accounts of people successfully traveling between the Helk and the normal world. It is an extremely dangerous place - With numerous species of "Helk Beast" roaming around to give trouble to any who dare leave the safety of the Helk's few towns.


The Helk's general geography is quite similar to the world we know. Plantlife looks almost identical and various Helk Beasts even look like common animals. But to add to the Helk's dangerous nature, almost none of these are what they seem to be. The leaves of the trees are all red (Except the ones from the North, more on them later) and the trees are immune to any sort of fire at all. In fact, they seem to need the fire more than anything. Absorbing the heat from this fire gives them energy, somehow, and dousing the trees (Which are usually in a state of permanent blazing) will cause most to wither and die. Trees from the North are used to the extremely cold weather from there and use the ice frozen onto them as a defensive mechanism against herbivorous Helk Beasts. There also exists a species of trees that can move on their own - But their status as plants and not simply Helk Beasts imitating plants is currently being studied by the most excellent Perfecture Laboratories.

Any other sort of plantlife has evolved in a similar way to the Helk's trees. All but those from the North are immune to fire, but the trees look to be the only ones that can actually draw energy from it. Simple farming techniques similar to the ones used in the world we know should be adequate enough when dealing with Helk Plantlife. Again, the ones from the North are immune to freezing over and use this as a defense mechanism. Still, there are some that are not able to do that - And those usually have defenses of their own to keep any hungry Helk Beasts away from them. Other than that, the plantlife is identical to that of the Helk's other areas.

The three populated areas of the Helk are the North, West and East. These areas are all ruled by separate people and have very different ideals. The South is neutral ground not ruled by anyone in particular - Helk Beasts run rampant there and travellers are advised to find routes that don't go through South's borders. Starting with the North, it is an extremely cold place often filled with snow and ice. To the far North is many mountains that are considered impassable even by the most experienced of hikers. There are few forests in North, but these run rampant with Helk Beasts attuned to its cold nature. Only three towns sit in the North - Galanti, Soron and Wiyt - And all are ruled over by the Government of Frost Giants. North is the smallest of all the areas.

West is the second area of the Helk and is perhaps the most well known outside of it. Made up of one gigantic forest, West, too, is home to many Helk Beasts who seek to prey on those travelling through their territory. A large river runs through West, home to many aquatic Helk Beasts, and it also runs through several towns. Speaking of, there are many towns in West and one big city. These towns are relatively small when compared to those of North, but the city - Baraso - is almost as large as the cities from the East. There is a mighty sea to the far west, close to a great fishing village, but traversing this sea is considered a death wish.

East is the third area, and is the largest of all. There are noticeably less Helk Beasts than in West or North - because of the King's great fear of them - but they still exist and those that do live in East are to be feared. There are not many notable features of East's land, and its mostly just plains. Several hills are scattered here and there, but not nearly to the extent of North's. To the far east is the same great sea that exists in West, and the same rules apply t this one. Of the towns that exist in East, they are very medieval in their structures: A little behind that of the other two areas. Of the few cities in East, the largest and most well known is the city of Demaxico. It is home to a very, very large castle home to the great king of East.

South is the final area, but it is not populated by anyone other than Helk Beasts. Its land ranges greatly and it is very unpredictable - A river running through West begins in South, but the only person to ever make use of this river is a certain catfish. The dangers of Helk Beasts in South rise to extreme levels so very few travel without any protectors. South could be considered a combination of every other area geo-wise, there are forests, plains, and sometimes it even snows.

General Information

North is ruled by the Government of Frost Giants. With President Miyr as their leader, they are extremely devoted to the people and have freedom as one of their biggest ideals. Sadly, their love for freedom constantly gets them into conflicts with the other two populated areas who disagree with it wholeheartedly. Generally, North is a rather peaceful area as people have little reason to actually do crimes - but then again, their great belief in freedom gives little repercussions for crimes anyway. The Government of Frost Giants also has little in the way of actual funds for their projects, but this is somewhat fixed by their decent relations with the other two areas.

East is a monarchy, ruled by none other than King Christopher XIV. As the current king of East (And technically king of the entire Helk itself), Christopher's main goals are to eliminate all Helk Beasts to make the Helk a more peaceful place for all Hellains. Unfortunately, the other two sides disagree with this notion. Helk Beasts are a very sacred thing, and to kill them all so seems extremely wrong. Christopher claims he was crowned by some sort of Goddess as his power is divine, but whether this is true remains to be seen. Any sort of crime in East is punished by death, in stark contrast to North. Some claim Christopher and his army to be overly strict - But that doesn't stop them from carrying out their perhaps deluded sense of justice.

West's ruling is different. They are an entire nation of guilds - And they are ruled by one big guild, which in itself composes several of the smaller guilds. Among these members are Mango of the Gourmet Guild, a few representatives of the Helk Beast Hunting Guilds, and the overall in-charge one: Ellibis, who formed the large guild by himself. Ellibis' ambitions are noted as quite strange from other people in West, but he is known to be quite the leader. West takes crime seriously, though not nearly to the extent of East. While East punishes any and all by death, West uses the traditional jury system with judges and all that. Members of West are all known by one another, and the community in itself is made up of close friends.

The Helk exists quite close to our own world. Exactly where it is is not known, perhaps its another world, perhaps its something far simpler. The only way to reach it is via the use of portals: Some of which opened permanently, others seem to randomly open and close with little indication as to why. The portals give off a great amount of light, so they're never hidden very well. People can travel through the portals, but will often end up somewhere odd in the Helk and may become food to passing Helk Beasts. Also, it is known that some Helk Beasts pass through portals - Entering our world, a place where they're most definitely not supposed to be. If they can be defeated or at the very least subdued, they can be returned to the Helk with little to no difference in their lives.


The main occupants of the Helk, Hellains are comparable to Humans and Monsters in appearance, intelligence and strength. Unlike Humans and Monsters, Hellains are simply grouped into one species (Though they are separated into a class-like system based on their power) and as such, there is little to no racial prejudice in the entirety of the Helk (There are obviously exceptions, however). The three species of Hellain are as follows:

Lesser Hellain

Lesser Hellains are the lowest of the low. They are even weaker than the average Monster, and are a very rare species in themself. Their appearances can range from Monster-like to some even resembling Helk Beasts. However, Lesser Hellains are quite rare and they cannot amount to much, even with years of dedicated training. Such is the fate of a Lesser Hellain. They only really live in East and West, few can survive in the harsh cold of North. An example of a Lesser Hellain is Hairsnake, babysitter of Vinneh Pazrus.

Standard Hellain

Standard Hellains are the middle class and by far the most common type of Hellain. Their strength is equal to Monsters and most tend to look like Monsters, too. Any human-like Hellains that fall under the Standard class tend to have something strange about them, like a weird skin color. Standard Hellains exist all over the world, apart from South, obviously. Good examples of Standard Hellains are Pancake and Kang Dench

Greater Hellain

The most powerful and least common of all Hellains. Greater Hellains can be compared to Humans in both appearance and strength, and unlike their Standard-class cousins, Human-like Greater Hellains have very little difference from actual humans. They are commonly given higher ranks in most things than other classes, somewhat hypocritically. Good examples of Greater Hellains are King Christopher and his older brother.

Helk Beasts

Helk Beasts are the wild animals of the Helk. Their power varies greatly, and there are many, many different species. However, not all have been recorded - The following are the species of Helk Beast currently contained by Perfecture Laboratories.

Helk Beast 01 - Kerias

Helk Beast 01 is a quadrupedal, red beast with a strange texture. Its skin resembles scales, yet those scales have a type of hair on them. This hair is found to protect Kerias' body from the vast heat of the Helk. It takes in a lot of heat, but said heat is then somehow converted into energy for the beast. Kerias has six eyes along its "head", each of which with yellow pupils. When enraged, Kerias' yellow pupils become orange, and its body temperature skyrockets. If trained well, Kerias can be very docile to those it trusts, however it is very aggressive toward those it does not trust. Kerias' intelligence is very, very low and if removed from its natural environment it will display a natural rage, destroying everything in its path with the great power than even some Hellains fear.

Helk Beast 02 - Gath'Cho

Helk Beast 02 is a bipedal, purplish creature with four appendages for arms. Its scaly skin is plated, armoring it and covering exposed membrane over its body, which serves a cooling purpose, though it does little to protect against fire. It has digigrade legs with two toes and a spiked heel on each foot, and the lower appendages consists of arms with two claws; one larger one, and one opposable claw acting as a grip. The upper appendages consists of limbs that extend into two large spikes, used in attacking prey. Under each spike are many spines, which can be ejected at targets. 02's head has two horns jutting out from the sides of the head, two glowing eyes, and a lower jaw that can be unhinged to consume larger prey. As 02 consumes, its size grows. Claws, spikes, and teeth grow the largest, but the armored plates grow at a slower rate, exposing more membrane. Its mobility also takes a hit. If left without food, 02 will apparently consume itself and lose mass over time. 02's stomach is able to digest almost about anything. It is considered sentient, with high enough intelligence to communicate and is even capable of speech.

Helk Beast 03 - ???


Helk Beast 04 - Skorpin


Helk Beast 05 - Planty


Helk Beast 06 - ???



The Helk's existence has always been very similar to our own. Of the several religions in the Helk, the most prominent states that it was created by a Goddess with an incomprehensible name. This Goddess, called "HLN" for simplicity, had originally wanted a world where everyone and everything was equal: As long as they followed her own sense of justice. She created the Helk and split it into several different areas, so that evolution could take its own path. The Hellains, after thousands upon thousands of years of evolution, eventually rebelled against HLN - forcing her to abandon her creation, but not before unleashing the powerful creatures called Helk Beasts. From that point onward, it became more like what it is today: A dangerous yet beautiful world, plagued by Helk Beasts.

The Hellains had already established their communities, and each decided on their own laws and ways to order things. Everything was peaceful. North had established a democracy, South had remained home to Helk Beasts everywhere, West had become run by a multitude of guilds and East had remained a monarchy, governed by the royal family of the Helk - Said to have been chosen by HLN long ago. Sadly, there grew jealousy in the way this monarchy was run: And a would-be king was sent fleeing after his brother almost killed him. This eventually sparked disagreements between the three main areas of the Helk, the other two disagreed with the rightful king's attempted assassination, but the king of East did not care. He instead set about on his goal in the world: Removing the plague of Helk Beasts that HLN had placed on the Helk so long ago.


Located throughout the Underground, there exists several portals to the Helk and throughout the Helk there exists several portals leading to the Underground. The portals are generally located in areas out of the way, meaning you'd have to take some action to actually find them. And when you do, some portals can lead you to areas infested with nothing but Helk Beasts - so some are far more easy to go through than others. Finally, in addition to the regular portals opened in specific places, instability (Such as a Helk Beast entering the Underground) can cause portals to seemingly tear their way out of nothing. These portals are not to be trusted - They can lead to literally anywhere in the Helk, and can close at any moment. If a portal closes while you're going through, you face a fate worse than death...

Portals are numbered in the order they were found, rather than their locations in the Underground.

Waterfall Portal - A

A is a portal existing in Waterfall. Specifically, it is in a cave deep under the waters. Only aquatic monsters with a great sense of exploration will likely ever find it. This portal leads to a set of ruins somewhere in South, into a little pool in said ruins. Kerias frequent this area as a common hunting ground. 

Snowdin Forest Portal - B

Inside the deepest and darkest depths of Snowdin Forest exists another portal. Only the most daring of adventurers will ever find this hidden away portal. It leads to North, and Helk Beasts commonly pass through it - Making travel somewhat difficult. Some say that the abandoned Snowdin Orphanage was destroyed in a fire ushered in by a great Helk Beast. Close to the Helk's end of the portal is a town in North, the first stop one should go to if they plan on traveling.

Underland Portal - C(?)

Coming from reports of an anonymous Demon, it is said that there exists a portal to the Helk somewhere in the Underland. It is not known where this portal is, or where it leads to.


Frisk may enter the Helk from any of the designated portals. It is possible for portals to be randomly generated in any run, but they cannot be walked through as they will disappear when Frisk attempts to interact with them. As the Helk is so big, they may explore only the surrounding area (For example, going through portal A will mean they can only explore South) but may fast travel after meeting a certain catfish for the first time.

Enemies in the Helk are Helk Beasts. They cannot be spared, and a Frisk aligned with the route of Pacifism must flee from them. Later, they are given the ability to tame the Helk Beasts after training from a young man with a soft spot for them. Tamed Helk Beasts can give Frisk extra abilities - Such as climbing onto higher points, however they cannot be brought into the Underground on account of being too scared to pass through the portal.

The standard battle theme against Helk Beasts is titled "Mysterious Enemy!!" and will play whenever Frisk fights against a Helk Beast they have not befriended. In the case of having tamed one member from the race, the battle theme will change to "Mysterious Friendship?!" and the Helk Beasts will not attempt to harm Frisk unless they harm them first. 

Solving the many secrets of the Helk will take Frisk an extended amount of time - Perhaps even longer than their main journey. Thankfully, their efforts will not go unrewarded. Any major character from the Helk will be added to the True Pacifist Ending after they've been met (And their fates will change accordingly) and any Helk Beast Frisk befriended will gain their Yellow text during the ending. If Frisk chooses the path of Genocide, it is assumed that the Helk is destroyed along with the regular world and all its inhabitants are killed.

To begin the Helk's story, Frisk must have first defeated Asgore and Omega Flowey once. Then, they must enter the portal in Snowdin Forest - Which in turn will mean they have to fight through some events involving a certain Hybrid... In any case, they must enter a building in North that introduces the first main character - President Miyr of North. She welcomes Frisk into North and notes that they look like a Greater Hellain, despite their young age. She sadly offers little in the way of plot development, but meeting her is required for other events to occur.


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