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"There was a creature who fell from heaven, tormented by shadows and weakened by dust. Bound by darkness, abandoned to suffer. I suppose who know her?" - The Riddle


Riddle is considered a very shady character in the Underground. No one actually knows what he looks like, because whenever he is spoken to he remains hidden in darkness. All that is known about him is that he has piercing amber eyes and he wears a cape or shawl, as he is often heard swishing it around.

The Riddle's revealed form is very similar to Fyla, with a few noticable differences. He is very slightly taller than Fyla, his scales are black rather than white, his eyes are orange and he had blue spines running down his back. He wears a red T-Shirt and black pants.


He seems harmless, and he has never made an attempt to attack anyone before. Some actually wonder if he carries any weapons or has any powers at all. He's emotionless, and shows little empathy, if any at all. He often speaks in sentences that do not make sense, or in riddles, hence his name. He practically does nothing, except wander from place to place. It is highly suspected that he is a ghost. The Riddle has no friends.



Battle Information



  • There is a diary that can be found if you follow The Riddle when he disappears. If you hang out where he laft for a few minutes, he would reappear and say quietly, "You're determined, aren't you? Well, have this. I don't need it anymore." He would then throw a book at the player before running away. Only the first four entries can be read, the rest have been torn out violently.


I couldn't find her. I searched for hours on the end. Mum was frantic, diary. There was nothing we could do.

But I found something. I found her shawl, trapped between two branches, flapping in the breeze as if waving goodbye. And next to it, was what they warned me of...

I don't know diary. She may have fallen. Mum says we have to move on without her. But I can't bear the pain.

What should I do?

Where should I go?



I couldn't sleep last night. It felt cold without her.

I woke up crying. 

I want to see her again diary.

Should I follow her? She could be dead for all we know.

But something tells me that's not true.


It's been a week. You won't believe what I found, diary.

Oh my gosh.

Her diary.

And from what I've read, I don't really have any choice.

Her life is in danger.

ENTRY FOUR That was painful. Thank goodness there was a bed of flowers.

So now I am in what they call the Under. The place were we have avoided for such a long time. I'm sitting in the cavern where I woke up. There's a cave ahead.

I'm ready.

I'm coming, little sis.

Entry Sixteen

It's getting stronger.

The power.

The feeling.

I can almost feel the demon kicking my heart.

Oh, someone help me.

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